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Mice to test Bush's food for poison in Thailand.

Mice will eat GWB's food in Thailand to test for poison.
Saturday October 4 2003 00:00 IST

Mice to test Bush's food for poison


BANGKOK: Thailand is going to use mice to test food for poison before it is served to U.S. President George W. Bush and 20 other Asia Pacific leaders at a regional summit in Bangkok this month, a top health official says.

Department of Medical Sciences chief Somsong Rugpao said samples of dishes served during the October 20-21 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit would be injected into mice.

"We'll have a result within a minute. If it's safe, we'll tell the waiters to start serving," he told Reuters.

Somsong did not how many mice he would use, but the Bangkok Post reported on Friday at least 20,000 health workers would be on hand during the summit to ensure the leaders and their delegations remained in good health.

of mice and men 06.Oct.2003 09:13


Hey! Someone could pull a trick out of the neo-cons' book... develope biological weapons which only target certain DNA types, i.e. those of humans (or even more specifically, those of Bushes) but which have no effect on mice.

... 06.Oct.2003 10:21

this thing here

"The mice, given the opportunity to eat such large amounts of food, naturally began to have mice bowel movements. The excrement, obviously very small, fell into President Bush's food, along with very small particles of mice dandruff. President Bush, the Secret Service, as well the busy staff in charge of the President's food, were unaware. This oversight was what led to President Bush contracting the hanta virus, slowly suffocating in his own bodily fluids, and eventually dying. Nobody around the world was very sad about it."

ahaaa 07.Oct.2003 01:23


Funny. Nobody in the world was very sad about it. Hahaa!!!!