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Difference between organic and conventional vegetables proved

Scientists have been able to sustantiate a difference between organic and conventional vegtables. Organic veggies have a higher concentration of flavonoids.
Oresund food excellence


For the first time ever, scientists have been able to substantiate a
between organic and conventional vegetables. According to a Danish
organic vegetables have a higher concentration of, flavonoids, natural

The scientists behind the study do not exactly know why this difference
appears. One theory is that organic producers use plant varieties which
more resistant to insects and diseases, another possible explanation is
organic vegetables are not sprayed.

Until now, flavonoid studies have mainly concentrated on the effect of
flavonoids given in large doses. However, this particular study focuses
on the
excretion of a number of flavonoids at a realistic dietary intake and
from a variety of flavonoid sources.

The study was a double-blinded randomised, crossover design with two
intervention periods with a strict control of dietary intake.
Test-persons were
given organic food and conventional food in turn for periods of 3 weeks.
the test-periods blood and urine samples were collected and tested.

"The results are a fixed point for theories about vegetables in the
human body
having a biological impact, which supports our ability to fight other
serious chemical strains," says Lars O. Dragsted, one of the scientists
the study. However, he emphasizes that is much too soon to conclude that

organic vegetables are more healthy than conventional ones. It will
require a
significant amount of research to document."

The study has been conducted in cooperation between The Institute of
Safety and Nutrition under The Danish Veterinary and Food
Administration; The
Department of Human Nutrition and Centre for Advanced Food Studies under
Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University; and Risų National

The whole study is published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food
volume 51, number 19, 2003.

For further information: Danish Veterinary and Food Administration -
www.foedevaredirektoratet.dk Organic Denmark - www.okologi.dk The Danish

Veterinary and Food Administration -
www.uk.foedevaredirektoratet.dk/forside.htm The Centre for Advanced Food

Studies - www.levnedsmiddelcentret.dk/old/English
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a snot

The Organic vegitables post on indymedia....

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Green Apples

Fascinating. I didn't get half the volcabulary, but cool.