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Where is the Anti-New Seasons (Division) and what are they doing?

see below

What are they/you doing? Progress? Already built? Burnt down in effigy (sp?)?

They've stopped wasting everybody's time 05.Oct.2003 19:40


Haven't heard boo in a while. They must have realized that with the exception of the employees of Red and Black and People's, everybody else can't wait for the New Seasons to come to the neighborhood.

Lamenting the System; re-assessing tactics... 05.Oct.2003 20:39

Neighbor who sees further into the future than New Seasons

The land use hearing is over and the City official made his decision that a building larger than any other on Division for miles was OK given the City's vision for zoning and codes and such.

Sooo for those of you on bikes and on foot, and those of you who hate the traffic already, and for those of you who were evicted, and for those of you who will have to live with more vehicles (at least 600/day says the City traffic report) and delivery trucks going down 20th... we will just have to be happy with "our" New Seasons, I guess.

Here is the issue that I imagine when I look more than a couple years down the road. New Seasons has made it OK for a store that large (watch it after the duplex comes down) to exist in that location by changing the zoning. When New Seasons sells out just like Natures did to Wild Oats, the new corporate offices may or may not decide to keep the store at that location. If not, well anything could move into there with all the zone changes that New Seasons fought so hard for-- those zone changes are for good. This isn't about New Seasons, folks, it's about land use and transportation that affects us all.

For those cynics out there who think it doen't matter, that's your right. I hear your laissez faire frustration. But for those of us who can envision our neighborhoods beyond tomorrow will continue fighting against any governmental group or corporation or individual who does not see the impact they will have on our communities by putting their personal profit over our public rights of way and the land that impacts that public sphere.

Know your history-- the Mt Hood freeway was slated to go down Ivon/Division street from the Hawthorn Bridge out to Mt Hood. Until the neighbors got together and said -- Bad idea! No way! They stopped that freeway for the exact same reason that folks want to stop New Seasons from building something that is out of scale with the neighborhood. Smaller project for sure, but the exact same sentiment.

Check out under the Hawthorne Bridge near Clay st. where there is a ramp that goes no where. That was going to be the Mt Hood freeway.

This is not about New Seasons, folks... and it is far from over!

But it will make my property more valuable 07.Oct.2003 08:17


I own property nearby, if a substantial commercial district grows at seven corners (New Seasons, Starbucks, etc...) my property value goes up. Fuck all you, I want the money.