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Viva La Revolution

People of the workd unite.

There is a dire need for a dedicated armed revolutionary struggle. Young people of the world, especially the United States, must prepare for taking up arms and striking american targets in a show of force against the machine. There is a radical history of armed struggle in the US and it isnt very user friendly. The people that have come before us as revolutionaries must be unerstood and we must take from their mistakes and successes and move forward in the attainment of our goal.
Are there dedicated revolutionaries in Portland?
plus or minus 05.Oct.2003 18:52

vote with yer pocketbook


Yeah, the temptation to author such a piece while under the influence of champagne... Have we become too soft? Have we succumbed to the influence of media n' powers that be? What will it take for us, as humans, to throw that first molotov? Funny how this country is so influential yet so castrated. I, for one, would be *more* than willing to demolish in the name of humanity if one other did it first. I think that is what we are waiting for...

The best speech is the shortest, so...

Bring 'em down...

"Armed Struggle" never won us anything 05.Oct.2003 19:41

wsp-pdx wsppdx@yahoo.com

While "armed struggle" may be vicerally pleasing to some, objectively it hasn't won the working class anything but wooden crosses (or their local equivelent).

Armed struggle proponents seek to lead, and we don't need leaders. Armed Stuggle proponents call out for acting "now", but without a working class conscious to take effective control, any theoretically victorious armed struggle 'revolution' would only set us up for a new capitalist despotism.

Sincere proponents of armed struggle in the US are na´ve. They see armed struggles occuring in 'third world' locations and traspose the conditions found there here. One analysis of 'third world revolutions' is that they take place in countries where the native bourgeoisie is in conflict with a major semi-aristocratic class.

This polarization of two different ruling classes, each with different interests leads to a certain stagnation. A succesfull insurrection is possible in this situation but anone coming to power (whether they call themselves nationalists or socialists) are forced to enforce a capitalist program.

In the industrialized world, armed struggle grouplets tend to wind up incinerated like the SLA, put down their arms and take up their reformist programs using other methods (eg the Weather Underground becoming social workers) or, most often, become tools of one or another Intelligence agencies. The last course is the one most common. Witness the assisination of Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro by the Red Brigades at the behest of "P2" a combination of ruling class people of various stripes and parties who wanted to stop Moro.

For example:

"1974 Red Brigade founders Renato Curcio and Alberto Franceschini arrested, paving the way for Mario Moretti, former member of Superclan, and his strategy of constant military escalation. Moretti maintains contacts with CIA front Hyperion Language School in Paris. Moretti was so suspect that even the Red Brigaders put him on trial in prison when he was arrested - he wasn't acquitted or convicted, rather isolated from his comrades. Note that in 1974, the Brigades had also been infiltrated by Marco Pisetta and then Silvano Girotto. Despite the information they gave to authorities regarding Brigade activity, the group was allowed to carry on."

Also the recent findings that the UK army had a mole in the IRA here is more info from Ustralian Sunday Herald newspaper:

"THE British army's most deadly double agent, who operated at the very heart of the IRA, has been identified as Alfredo 'Freddy' Scappaticci, known to spy-masters by the codename 'Stakeknife'.

As the British government's most powerful weapon in its 30-year 'dirty war' against the IRA and Sinn Fein, Scappaticci is suspected of being allowed by the army's Force Research Unit (FRU) to take part in up to 40 murders. He is said to have been involved in the killings of loyalists, policemen, soldiers, and civilians to protect his cover so he could keep passing top-grade intelligence to the British. He also kidnapped, interrogated, tortured and killed other IRA men suspected of being British informers.

He is also said to have provided his military handlers with the information which led to the 'Death on the Rock' killings of three IRA volunteers in Gibraltar in 1988 by the SAS. At the time, the IRA were convinced that their active- service unit had been betrayed by an informer. However, their mole-hunt drew a blank.

Files based on intelligence from Scappaticci were forwarded to prime ministers Thatcher, Major and Blair. During a 25-year career infiltrating the IRA, Scappaticci rose to become head of their Internal Security Unit (the so-called Nutting Squad) and a member of the IRA's General Headquarters Staff. He also became close to some of the most powerful members of the republican movement, including Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams and former IRA chief-of-staff Brian Keenan.

The IRA fear the outing of Stakeknife could deal an almost-fatal blow to the organisation. A senior Republican source said last night: 'This is the most dreadful news I've ever heard. I don't know how we can recover from this. How can we have any confidence left in ourselves when a man like Scappaticci turned out to be Stakeknife?'"

So Do you really want an armed struggle? It doesn't work at best. At the worst you wind up aiding your enemies.

COINTELPRO POST 05.Oct.2003 20:09


Armed rebellion against the US Government would only strengthen the US Government. The fascist regime would like nothing more than a substantial excuse to declare martial law and round up dissidents. Armed rebellion would be quickly put down. In the wake, thousands of activists would be swept up and locked away. It will be the end of our struggle even before our struggle really started.

The Government of the US can be brought down without armed struggle. That is not to say that everyone must be obedient and behave like Ghandi. However, effective disruption of a highly organized state requires the non-compliance of a small percentage of the population. If 10% of Americans refused to cooperate, took to the streets, and shut down business as usually through obstruction and unruliness, the regime would fall.

Look to the collapse of East Germany.

revolution? YES! how? UH... 05.Oct.2003 21:38

republic of cascadia citizen

i think most americans would be surprised at how many people actually KNOW that revolution is a necessity. but the issue remains, HOW? the united states government is the most destructive, murderous empire this planet has ever known. warfare is what this government DOES. attempting to beat them at that GAME is suicide. BUT as the "www.stop-fascism.org" comment notes, there is more than one way to bring this empire to its knees. the first step is to commit yourself to reclaiming your dignity, freedom and future. prepare yourself mentally for the battles that lie ahead. commit to being part of the resistance no matter what the costs. never again support the dying empire. do your homework. spend your free brain cycles on discovering the empire's weaknesses...oil, money, electricity, a subservient populace. unleash your creativity, awaken others, grow stronger day by day as the empire rots from the inside... KNOW that you are fighting for your FUTURE. KNOW that you are fighting for your LIFE.

super plus and minus super 05.Oct.2003 23:48

vote with yer pocketbook


A couple psycho buffoons an' a advertiser. Crap.

Bring the fragile infrastructure to its knees... Bring 'er Down.

I would sacrifice my American Consumerist Existence for the world...

Obvious to me: bloodless coup by not paying taxes and not spending.

destruct the destructive through positive actions 06.Oct.2003 00:03


Making yourself look like a threat to society (remember, most people identify their life and society with capitalism or "the economy") will only make it easier for the Man to destroy you. The best way to destroy the system may be to engage in a multiplicity of positive actions which our bloodthirsty capitalist system is capable of dealing with. Do you bike and take public transit everywhere instead of driving? (This is the number one action radicals should be trying to convince liberals to take.) Do you support the Anarchist network of Portland's actions (or those of any charity) in feeding the hungry? Do you volunteer in schools, especially those with high populations of children in working class families (teaching kids outside of the assembly-line factories, er, public schools is better, but even in the schools some of our ideas about the world can rub off on students)?

The system is designed to function best when people remain self-centered, greedy, and lazy. By helping others as much as possible and working hard at whatever the cause, you can throw a wrench in the maniacal mechanics of the plutocracy we live in.

Re 06.Oct.2003 16:12

JP Cupp Songun Study Group (USA)/ AISC(USA) songunpoliticsaresuperior@ziplip.com

We have updated our Songun Politics Website, to include works on the Songun Idea, which places priority on the Army.
Check the link to Songun Study Area. It should be expanding with time, quite largely.
Songun Study Page
NDFSK Tribute Page
Send an e-mail if you would like to recieve updates, and theoritical works, etc
5th anniversary of the death of Comrade Kim Il Sung
5th anniversary of the death of Comrade Kim Il Sung

COINTELPRO? 06.Oct.2003 23:01


I kind of doubt it.

Nonetheless, one of two things is probably true:

1. This post is serious and genuine, meaning whoever wrote it is an idiot ('armed struggle'? Go beat off to your Che posters, kid. IF you're serious, then it doesn't speak well for your intelligence that you're broadcasting your intentions on the Internet. Just some friendly advice)

2. Someone thinks that by putting this here, they'll be able to get some authority of some kind to shut the site down or somehow discredit it. It's been tried before, hasn't worked, and you're still an idiot either way.

Coo-Coo... 10.Oct.2003 08:59


Armed revolt by members of a "movement" with about two dozen believers scattered across the country...

Financial revolt by a bunch of kids with no jobs and no spending power...

This should be fun to watch, assuming that you can even get noticed when you decide to actually stop talking and start doing.

I assume the revolution will start on a week-end because most of you can't stay out late on school nights?