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Where Is the Pro PUD Committee and What Is It Doing?

Is there any organized resistance to the anti-PUD "Citizens Against The Government Takeover", PGE-manipulated campaign?
I'm getting more and more disgusted with the giant ads, fliers, and (now) three anti-PUD television spots airing in Portland and paid for by the PGE puppet group, "Citizens Against the Government Takeover". I don't see any organized effort to counter the lies and half-truths, nor anyone speaking out regarding the heavy hand of PGE and its advertising agency, Gard & Gerber, in running the campaign. I have not seen, nor received one piece of pro-PUD literature explaining the situation in a positive way and that it will not cost "millions of dollars" in new property taxes or "add a new layer of government". I have written to the OREGONIAN and to WILLAMETTE WEEK and have not received acknowlegment from either so perhaps individual attempts will be doomed to failure. Hard to publish information countering a group that is buying up full page advertising in your paper . . . especially when the Portland Business Alliance has come out in support of the "Citizens" and against a PUD, I guess. Anyone out there know of a group planning to fight this steamroller?
more info 05.Oct.2003 22:07


There's an AP piece on the lopsided battle over the PUD at KGW and at OregonLive.

Opposition is via the Oregon Public Power Coalition and its November ballot website.