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The U.S. and Israel's Criminal Intent and October 25th.

But the question is not whether the public can see the criminal behavior of these regimes but rather, where do these regimes go from here?
The U.S. and Israel's Criminal Intent and October 25th.

By Lloyd Hart

With Israel systematically destroying the peace process through its genocidal violence against the Palestinians that they then blame on Yasser Arafat, and with the construction of the world's largest concentration camp around the West Bank with a 17 ft. high wall including along the Jordanian border in which more settlements will be built and from which mass deportations of Palestinian's will occur and of course now, an extreme escalation with the bombing of Syria. With total contempt for the rule of law the Bush regime has for all inquiries into all its criminal practices from the theft of election 2000 to the present crime of exposing the identity of CIA operative Ms. Plame, the leaders of both regimes have crossed lines in open public view where the public can draw distinct lines (even with the ludicrous slant the corporate media is helping to paint against Ms. Plame's husband Ambassador Joseph Wilson) and can now come to the conclusion that both these regimes, the Bush regime and the Sharon regime are indeed criminal anti-democratic regimes that have criminal anti-democratic intent.

But the question is not whether the public can see the criminal behavior of these regimes but rather, where do these regimes go from here? Both regimes are led by fanatics who, unlike Nixon who chose to give up and resign at a much lesser level of criminality, will forge ahead into more extreme behavior. One of the reasons I firmly believe this, is why risk everything in terms of your Democratic reputation in the most undemocratic of acts, the ethnic cleansing of the voter list in Florida, false military ballots in several states (according to Pentagon sources) and the suborning of five Supreme Court justices into a criminal conspiracy to subvert constitutional state's rights to run elections. It is simply because these men and women who are part of this criminal conspiracy in the White House and in the leadership of Israel have a long-term plan that they all have agreed to adhere. That is the nature of criminal conspiracies. In other words, a much more extreme Mafia than we've seen in decades has taken control of the very pinnacle power in the U.S.. This allowing the extreme Mafia in the leadership of Israel to have its way with the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza and now with the surrounding countries much the same way the Reagan regime allowed Israel to invade Lebanon supplying them with cluster bombs that they then dropped into residential neighborhoods in Beirut killing 20,000 civilians, not to mention the genocide committed by Aerial Sharon and Israeli troops against the Palestinian refugees in southern Lebanon.

Israel's plans are too wear down Palestinian resolve for independent state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capitol by continued military protected increase in the size of settlements in the West Bank and Gaza for what Sharon has always believed in, a greater Israel. The U.S.'s plans are to seize control of the strategic oil supply so that the U.S. can supply its global military with the fuel that is needed for the even more aggressive hegemonic control of what's left of the world's collapsing food and fresh water supply and resources that have propped up the U.S. economy on the backs of the starving to death poor. With Israel as the U.S.'s nuclear armed front on the beach head of the oil-rich Middle East, the hegemonic criminality of both regimes works hand-in-hand.

We can only expect both regimes to continue with the unfolding of their criminal plans for the simple fact that the number one tool that the public has relied on, the media is completely and 100% complicit with the advancing of the criminal conspiracy of both regimes. By the corporate media ignoring the ethnic cleansing of the voter list in Florida, a federally indictable crime:


ignoring evidence of the suborning of five Supreme Court justices, ignoring the smoking gun of 9/11, the total and grotesque failure of NORAD (North American Air Defense) and the Air Guard and with NORAD and the Pentagon commanders stonewalling of the 9/11 commission, refusing to testify before the commission:


and the corporate media literally cheering on the war against Iraq. Not to mention the manipulating the people's need to feel part of the community and therefore part of a fictitious majority these corporate shills called pollsters manufacture with push polls of clearly unrealistic samplings of so-called likely voters creating the atmosphere that elections are over before they even begin. The corporate media along with the elite's in America have manufactured election after election on behalf of politicians that suit only the needs of multi national corporations thirst for slave labor that subsidize the opulent lifestyles of the wealthy. If the corporate media's real purpose was to inform the public, free trade and NAFTA would have never been passed and there would be a single payer health care system operating in every state in America. This could be why Americans do not vote in majorities, 47% (election 2000) 2000 ochor 32% (election 2002).

Just as an example of the power of the corporate media, a story broke this week that clearly illustrates Arnold Schwarzenegger's recent meeting and connection with Ken lay the former chairman of Enron and the $9 billion that governor Gray Davis is seeking to recover from not only Enron but all the other energy companies that robbed the ratepayers in California in a Bush regime assisted scam. But the corporate media chose to pan the issue altogether helping Schwarzenegger fend off accusations of sexual misconduct and pro Hitler comments Schwarzenegger has made in the past. Is much easier to explain away stupid things that occurred years prior but is more difficult to explain Schwarzenegger's recent meeting with a criminal such as Ken Lay whose close connection to the Bush regime got Enron's energy trading ban in California lifted. A ban put in place by Clinton's Energy Department.


The fact that both these criminal regimes, the Sharon regime and the Bush regime have no interest in turning away from their plans, it is very important that the public demand the impeachment of the Bush regime  http://www.votetoimpeach.org/ , the resignation of those senators that are and were clearly complicit with this regime's criminal activities as well as the formation immediately of an independent state of Palestine whose borders are along the 1967 borders and whose capitol is East Jerusalem. The only way to get this message out and policy accepted by the American public is to hit the streets in larger numbers than those that were displayed in the rise of the peace movement against the war on Iraq and to promote candidates who adhere to the progressive platform that the American public are desperate for.

United for Peace and Justice (  http://www.unitedforpeace.org/ ) and International A.N.S.W.E.R.
(  http://www.internationalanswer.org/ ) are organizing a rally and march on October 25th in Washington D.C. and San Francisco. This rally and march could very well be the pivotal moment where the American public begins to take control of its own destiny but that will require all of us to show up and show up I will. Will you?

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