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zzzz israel bombed syria today zzzzzzzz

local press slow on uptake
Yes, Israel bombed Syria today. The details are on google news, though I
would recommend english.aljazeera.net--the only place that mentions that
some Syrian civilians got hurt.

US TV and newspapers are reporting the bombing purely in Israel's frame,
i.e. they are saying it is retaliation for a suicide bombing (by one woman), and
even BBC is running sidebars with the suicide bombing and lots of details about
who got hurt and how badly. Last I checked, katu.com didn't even have the story.

The conservative mindset in the corporate-owned media has been replaced by
something even worse: gross incompetence.

syria attacked 05.Oct.2003 13:23



UP story
Israel Bombs Alleged Terror Base in Syria


UN to meet and Arab League to meet. Syria complains to UN. Lot of good here.

US in Iraq on one side Israel on the other.

Das Details will be telling.

Syria did not attack - but Israel certainly did 05.Oct.2003 16:44


It was a *West Bank Palestinian woman from Jenin* who blew herself and 19 others up in a restaurant in Israel.

Concerning Israel's air attack on the civilian area of Ain al-Sahab, about 20km northwest of Damascus;

"The significance of the operation is more in terms of its symbolic message to the Syrians... It simply says that nobody is immune"
-- Eran Lerman, a retired senior Israeli military intelligence officer.


grammar shmammar 06.Oct.2003 13:33


I think that by "Syria attacked" that poster meant Syria was attacked

Like "Carrot Eaten"
it's a headline, it doesn't need the was

though it is confusing at first

inside 06.Oct.2003 13:54


When an American polititian says that "Israelis have a right to defend themselves", when speeking of ONE of these kind of attacks, it means that the polititians are going to use American taxes to pay to replace the bombs and jet fuel at American taxpayer expence, again. Every time a Zionist crusader guns down one of the locals, Democraps and Republitrash are waiting with your taxes to buy the Zionist vote and campain contrabutions by reloading the gun. What is the difference between Maryland and Palestine? When a sniper guns down people in maryland, democraps and republitrash can't buy anyone's votes by reloading the gun. A sick joke, and a bit dated. But an even sicker reality, that never seems to go away. OR EVEN GET CHALLENGED!!! In the year before 911, Zionists murdered over 800 Palestinians, and guess who reloaded every bullet fired. Democraps and Republitrash did. Over 180 of the Palestinians murdered in that year died BEFORE the first suicide bomber struck. You can believe America was attacked on 911 because we are rich and democratic if you like. Too many Americans already know that we were attacked because Democrats and Republitrash get off on thinking they have a right to say who lives and who dies. Weapons to the Zionist crusade, and embargoes on anything Palestinians can use to liberate thier land of Zionist invadors. Political prejudice involved America in the ZIonist's crusade in Palestine. Americans have been targeted by terrrorists for decades, and we all know why. Democraps and Republitrash finance the destruction of Palestine for political possitioning. But when 3000 people died at once, America woke up to how polititians involved us in a crusade, how polititians have been letting Americans get targeted by terrrorists for decades so that they can buy the offensive Zionist votes and campain contributions.

If Zionists really do have a "birthright" of crusade, then lets hear it. If Zionists have a right to murder even a single Palestinian or steal a single square inch of Palestine, then lets hear it. Sure, Hebrews once murdered Canaanites, Amorites, jebuzites, etc for the land. And just how does that give Zionists any "birthright" to murder Palestinians and steal thier survivor's homeland? You loose me on that claim. And since Zionists are the offendors (Palestine + Zionists = Israel + dead Palestinians + Palestinian refugees), it is up to them to explain how they have a right to murder and steal, or get the hell out of Palestine, ALL of Palestine.

Training camps in Ain Al-Sahib for over 18 years 08.Oct.2003 13:27


I used to monitor the various training camps in Syria from 1985 - 1990. Numerous camps were located near Damascus including those in the Ain Al-Sahab area, Zabadani near the Lebanese border (A school, park, and houses were constructed around it.) And Malula, North of Damascus. Syria has been active in the support of various organizations, but that does not give Israel the right to attack another nation. Israel is proving once again that it can count on the United States and its president, Cowboy George to support its actions. Why were the people of the United States surprised that terrorists finally struck their homeland, especially when they continue to support Israel's continued aggression.