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A history of lies: WMD, Who said what when.

Intelligence leaves no doubt that Iraq continues to possess and conceal lethal weapons.
Saddam's removal is necessary to eradicate the threat from his weapons of mass destruction.

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oh look... 05.Oct.2003 15:49

this thing here

>Blair 'Knew Iraq Had No WMD'
by David Cracknell

TONY BLAIR privately conceded two weeks before the Iraq war that Saddam Hussein did not have any usable weapons of mass destruction, Robin Cook, the former foreign secretary, reveals today.

John Scarlett, chairman of the joint intelligence committee (JIC), also "assented" that Saddam had no such weapons, says Cook.

His revelations, taken from a diary that he kept as a senior minister during the months leading up to war, are published today in The Sunday Times. They shatter the case for war put forward by the government that Iraq presented "a real and present danger" to Britain.

Cook, who resigned shortly before the invasion of Iraq, also reveals there was a near mutiny in the cabinet, triggered by David Blunkett, the home secretary, when it first discussed military action against Iraq.<

israel bombs syria, blair's private concession that iraq possessed no WMD's is made public, and the entire world doesn't care to notice. doesn't notice the smell, or the truth hiding in plain sight, or the elephant in the room, or the fact that cognitive dissonance has worsened to become severe cerebral congnitive malfunctioning, as if by brain tumor, stroke, anyuerism, narcotic overdose or sepsis.

all because of 9-11. it's memory and the invocation of it's name is being openly used and abused as an ultimate psychological trigger, an instant stroke, a mental and emotional tool WITH WHICH TO EXCUSE OR PROPOSE ANY ACTION. EXACTLY like the flashing of the playing card in the film "the manchurian candidate". and that, in itself, raises my red flags. way the hell up.

is 9 11 01 an excuse for all that we know in our lives today? is it an excuse for all the events that have unfolded before us and the rest of the world? is it? is it...

The hope now is 06.Oct.2003 17:20


Cognitive Disonance will cause an abreaction at the crucial time. At the moment of decision, Bush and their ilk will fall. They won't be able to stop it, no matter how much they cheat.