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A word of advice

Be careful when assigning months to Pagan holidays!
November, not October, is the real "month of Samhain", even if the even occurs on the night of October 31. Why? Because the new season, what the Celts and Druids called Geimredh, began at sunset on October 31 and continued until the afternoon of January 31. (hence began the season of Earrach). After all, if October is the "month of Samhain," then to be logically consistent April, not May, must be the "month of Beltane." The month "of" a cross-quarter is the month following the cross-quarter.

Of course this is trivial compared to the American tradition of observing Thanksgiving after Halloween, essentially "harvest after death" as if we were going out in late November in the near-winter cold and picking decayed food out of the fields. I have always advocated an earlier Thanksgiving simply to make it more consistent with the symbolism of the holiday.

When dealing with the year and the seasons, timing and sequencing is everything. Oh yeah, and so is climate. You're not going to get a white Christmas/Yule in places like San Diego or Sicily.
I stand corrected 05.Oct.2003 11:41

IMC volunteer

I'll see what I can do to get it changed