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poem from george bush?: my oh my, the end is nigh!

there was a time when some things in this world made sense, but that time has passed. as rumsfeld is reported to have said, "my whole life is a movie". we are living the dreamtime, and there is no waking up. i keep trying to tell myself to enjoy the ride and see where this adventure takes us, but i can't shake that feeling that THE END IS NIGH. actual poem that george bush wrote to his wife upon her return from a trip to europe...
george's poem:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Oh my, lump in the bed
How I've missed you.
Roses are redder
Bluer am I
Seeing you kissed by that charming French guy.
The dogs and the cat, they missed you too
Barney's still mad you dropped him, he ate your shoe
The distance, my dear, has been such a barrier
Next time you want an adventure, just land on a carrier.
If that's George's poem, then I'm really impressed 04.Oct.2003 23:16


I remember when they nominated him for the Nobel peace prize after he attacked Afganistan, but they shit him out of it.
With that poem he's sure to get the Nobel prize for literature. I like the part about the lump in the bed.

Did you know that John Ashcroft is a very talented singer? Maybe he'll quit the day job.

Bad Poetry Is News? 05.Oct.2003 09:08



The Original G.W. Poem Bush Sent To Saddam 05.Oct.2003 09:22


Iraqis are red
Dead ones are blue
Oh my lump in Baghdad,
How I've missed you.
Iraq is redder
Bluer am I
Having been dissed by that charming French guy.
The bombs and the bullets, they missed you too
Rummy's still mad you dropped him, he killed your two.
The distance, Saddam, has been such a barrier
Next time you want a photo-op, just land on a carrier.

Shades of LBJ's Beagles . . . 05.Oct.2003 16:47

North Portlander

My God, Laura dropped Barney, too? That poor dog . . . I'm surprised it's not crippled for life by now.

Yes, they dropped Barney 06.Oct.2003 00:44

Scooter McBoobs

Barney was dropped
much to his shock and awe
dropped like a bomb on his widdle head
and now he's lumpy too
like the president's bed
(or wife, I didn't quite get that)

LMFAO 06.Oct.2003 04:44


Im laughin my fuckin ass off at this crappy poem. I liked yours much better though, W. Cracked me up. Like GW in college. haha

The poem in its entirety 20.Oct.2003 15:30


Roses are red violets are blue
Oh my lump in bed how I've missed you
WMD's not found it's true
But thanks to FOX America has no clue

Roses are redder
Bluer am I
Two more soldiers in Iraq did die
Seeing you kissed that charming French guy
My staff blew the cover of a CIA spy
I'll leave it to Ashcroft he's no cover-up shy

The dogs and cat missed you too
Barney's still mad you dropped him he ate your shoe
When you hear 9 11 don't say Bush knew
Saddam and Osama here with me said hello
They wanted to write you but they're both sick with the flu
I'm sitting here all naked sipping a brew
With you my dear gone the sex is on Yahoo

The distance my dear has been such a barrier
next time you want an adventure just land on a carrier
Papa was crazy but Dubya's wackier
Read the lips daddy my economy's shabbier