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Censorship by the Critics

Newly released motion picture receives totally negative reviews.
The motion picture "Luther" has received a resounding no vote from the motion picture critics ( http://movies.go.com/reviews/). Yet this motion picture presents a 100% accurate portrayal of Martin Luther and the Protestant reformation that he set in motion. By translating the Septuagint into German, and with the aid of Gutenberg's press, every peasant in Germany was encouraged to learn to read and become literate. As a result Germany ascended into the greatest artistic, intellectual and academic nation of the world. Germany's ascendancy lasted until the Treaty of Versailles reduced Germany to economic rubble after World War I, allowing National Socialism to completely obliterate the achievements of the German people.

The movie besides being historically accurate renders an evocative and sensitive portrayal of Martin Luther as a freedom fighter for intellectual and spiritual freedom, and freedom from the commercialization of religion and the selling of indulgences. Luther set into motion the idea that each individual human being is their own sovereign and that reconciliation with the divine can only come through following one's own heart with the guidance of scripture. The reformation set into motion by Luther lead to the establishment of the United States republic based on individual sovereignty and individual responsibility.

Now why has such a historically accurate and sensitively rendered movie been given completely negative reviews in the press? Could the critics have been influenced by political powers? I think so!
the sex scenes seemed a little under-rehearsed 04.Oct.2003 01:23


Is it possible- and I suspect that you (the author of preceding post) are either the author of the film or president of the fan club, so don't take unintended offense- that the movie isn't very good? Movie critics probably aren't the best judges of movies, but maybe the subject was worthy and the art lacking. Or maybe the subject wasn't worthy at all. Was the Buddy Holly Story popular with critics? How about La Bamba? In the future you should request a larger marketing budget so you won't have to post on free boards. In the meantime, I'll look forward to your bakesale/LUTHER awareness pig out at the Dishman community center from 3 to 5pm, Sunday, October 5.

luther 04.Oct.2003 06:18


had some remarkable qualities
for example, he did not believe in the 'infallibility of scripture'
he wanted to remove the letter to the Hebrews, the book of Revelation, and the letter of James from the Bible (by moving them into a kind of appendix at the end of the book refered to as an apocrypha)
you can compare this remarkable attitude (for his time) with the slavish devotion to the bible practiced by to many christians today and endlessly sold on christian television not to mention over the web
luther understood that the bible was the collecttion decided upon by voting priests (very conservative voting priests) who voted on books in the fourth century
the books they rejected were ruthlessly destroyed only to be preserved and resurface in the desert during our century, a good time for that to happen, since the church had waned in power and could not burn them a second time...some of these documents are really fascinating (I enjoy reading the gospel of Thomas)

with that said Luther was a vicious anti-Semite

he was also a right wing authoritarian, which might have explained his love of the book of Romans
Paul, you see was a RWA as well
 link to www.awitness.org

um, history? 04.Oct.2003 08:27


Before we start carrying placards of the Great Liberator Luther at the next demonstration, we'd be wise to remember that, ultimately, Luther sided with the Church in crushing the same peasant's revolt that his writings inspired. Luther was, literally, a Medieval mind--that is, he believed in the supremacy of the Nobility and that the peasantry was a subhuman species placed on Earth by God to toil in service to their vassals. While it's nice to pick and choose the events and elements of a story that we like and ignore the rest (I'm thinking specifically of liberal Christians, here), we have to know the whole story--just like a novel, the most important stuff's usually at the end!!

Pay attention to your history, dammit (and you wonder why some of us still blaspheme by advocating structured education . . .)

Censorship 04.Oct.2003 20:34

Not You

Censorship is defined as suppression by the government. Film critics working for the media have no power to censor, though they may wish otherwise.