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Village Building Convergence Info meeting October 2nd, 6-8PM.

The NBC a few years ago grew out of the Natural Building events that have
traditionally been held in the middle-of-nowhere but the NBC and then the
VBC exemplify taking sustainable techniques and putting them in the
context of urban life and community decisionmaking. This is an opportunity
to make some real change and get those seeds out there for transforming
10 days of Revolution
10 days of Revolution
Want to be part of The Village Building Convergence 2004?

Come to an informational meeting and potluck on Thursday, October 2nd,
6-8PM at 3844 SE Yamhill.

The 2004 Village Building Convergence is a 10-day event of daytime and
evening educational, inspirational, and celebratory activities surrounding
the transformation of our neighborhood spaces into vibrant public places.
It will take place this Spring/Summer, but planning begins NOW!

This is the time to get involved in organizing and/or joining a committee
that will make this exciting project happen! For more info about last
year's VBC, check out www.cityrepair.org/vbc.

We'll discuss:

Event Design
Volunteer Coordinating
Donations and Budget
Health and Well-Being
And More!
And we will be looking for people to coordinate:

Intersection Repairs
Building and Design (incl. Natural/Green Building and Permaculture)
Trainings (incl. Consensus, Conflict Resolution, Sustainable Living, and
Grassroots Organizing)
Greenfrastructure (incl. gardens, food, medicine and trees)
Come with your ideas!

Celebrate localization!

homepage: homepage: http://www.cityrepair.org/vbc