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Permaculture Teacher Training October 8-13, 2003 Eugene, Oregon, Cascadia

An announcement for a really good, really cheap class to develop your Permaculture Skills. These folks have been trying to put this on for months and keep having to cancel. Please check it out.
Certification Course:
Permaculture Teacher Training
Jude Hobbs and Tom Ward
October 8-13, 2003
Eugene, Oregon

Empower yourself to promote sustainable living and design! In this dynamic,
interactive and fun course learn powerful techniques to communicate whole
education to others and apply permaculture design principles to teaching.
Jude and
Tom will develop your teaching skills, discuss strategies and techniques, and
present the rewards and challenges of teaching Permaculture. They create
experiences that address varied adult learning styles and utilize your unique
strengths and talents. Module building and team presentations round out the
discussion topics and provide the essential hands-on aspects of the course.

Course Topics Include:
o Philosophy and Ethics of Instruction
o Teaching Systems, Principles and Patterns
o Planning, Marketing, and Economics
o Adult Learning Styles
o Organizing Curriculum, Modules and Resources
o Integrating Gender Balance
o Teaching Space Logistics
o Team Teaching
o Presentations and Facilitators Roles
o Time Management
o Exercises and Media Aids
o Interns and Apprentices
o Tricks of the Trade
o Keeping Up The Spirit

Jude Hobbs and Tom Ward have a combined experience of over 30 years of
teaching and
in-the-field-design, including teaching three previous Permaculture Teacher's
Training classes together. They supply a vast library of information for
you to

Jude Hobbs is a horticulturist, permaculture designer, and instructor. She
presented workshops and courses throughout the West for 15 years, developing
curricula that encompass diverse learning styles. Since 1982, Jude's
design business has provided environmental design solutions for both urban
and rural
settings. She has written "A Guide to Multi-Functional Hedgerows" and
tends a forest
garden in Eugene, Oregon. Jude took the 1990 Permaculture Teacher Training
from Max
Lindeggar (co-founder of Crystal Waters Community) and Lea Harrison.

Tom Ward is an ethno-botanist, eco-forester and permaculture designer. He has
extensive multi-cultural experience in the USA and overseas. He is the
author of
"Greenward Ho: An ecological approach to Sustainable Health." Tom has
curricula for permaculture courses at Laney College and D-Q University in
California. He has taught Permaculture Design Courses for 17 years and is
based in
Ashland, Oregon where he has worked building ecotopian culture for 26 years.

Course Tuition:
$325- $350 (includes instruction and course materials)
There is host lodging available
Prerequisite: Permaculture Design Course Certificate
or experience in permaculture

Classes will be held from 9:00am until 5:30pm each day

For more information or to register, contact:
Gail Karuna,  treefrog@happypride.com
P.O. Box 11414
Eugene, OR 97440

phone: phone: (541)302-8042