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A British man is arrested--for attempting a citizen's arrest of unconvicted war criminal, Phony Blair. I certainly hope this does not give any people living in America any "wrong" ideas. (Hint. Hint.)
Man arrested trying to arrest PM
01.10.2003 [01:26]

A visitor at the Labour Party conference was arrested after allegedly wanting to make a citizen's arrest over Tony Blair's involvement in the Iraq war.

The 41-year-old, believed to be Ian Brown, from Cardiff, allegedly confronted the Prime Minister and his wife Cherie as they were about to enter the Bournemouth convention centre where Mr Blair was to make his keynote speech.

Police said the man, who was a visitor to the conference at the Bournemouth International Centre, was released without charge.

He had been arrested for a public order offence.

It is believed he shouted out that he wanted to make a citizen's arrest because of Mr Blair's involvement in the Iraqi conflict.

Security is strict at the conference, with all delegates and visitors having to go through airport-style searches.

A police spokesman said the man would have undergone security searches before he was allowed in the secure area, which is along the south side of the Centre, where the Blairs had walked from the nearby Highcliff Hotel.

He added that the man would have been entitled to be in the secure area because he held a member's visitors' pass.

Chief Inspector Tony Dymott, deputy head of the conference security operation, said: "Conference security was not compromised and the man was speedily apprehended and arrested by police officers.

"The man didn't reach the Prime Minister or Mrs Blair. He would have gone through the normal conference security procedures which include pass checks and searches."

Источник: Lincolnshire Echo, UK

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