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Computer Voting Fraud book - online now! and Free Download!

Everyone, The quintessential mover and shaker activist for computer voting insecurity (and fraud?) is Bev Harris. Her new book is out - and she is offering it free (online download) and asking everyone to read it and pass it on. Her goal is help make America wake up to this most horrifying attack on democracy via the election process.
Now: Can we submit this to some list-serv to get it as a feature article on this site and all the other Indymedia sites?

Here are the details:

Black Box Voting - The book is out of the gate. Go here for FREE
electronic chapters 1-2. New uploads are scheduled every two days. (They may
come sooner.)


I would very much appreciate it if you post every chapter you get at
your web site, distribute them to public officials, call reporters about
them, e-mail this message to your contact lists. If you are a
journalist, review the information. If the site goes down, due to hacking or
legal retaliation by voting machine vendors, write about it.

If you are a citizen who is skilled with flash media or shockwave, we
encourage you to create presentations; you will find it easy to script
them when you read these chapters. Whether your work takes a serious or
humorous tone, you'll have plenty of fodder to work with. Write songs,
perform poetry, make documentaries. Don't wait. We can solve this
thing, and we can do so quickly, but you must get involved.

(TIP: Watch for "real time" voting forum to go live with citizen voting
reports, on Monday, just in time for the California recall).

The Black Box Voting project has been "open sourced" from the get-go.
It was an "open source" investigation, with citizens joining in all over
the world to contribute expertise and research. We "open sourced" the
book, making electronic versions free of charge. A trade paperback
version will also be available so you can distribute attractive and compact
versions to everyone who needs them. Select whichever information
format meets your needs.


They are posted chapter by chapter, in both PDF and PNG formats. The
open source license is quite generous, but of course we ask that you
adhere to it. (It contains provisions like: you cannot sell the book for
money; you cannot change the book... quite simple, really).

Chapter 1 (which also includes introductory material) explains what the
founding fathers had in mind when they chose to control the governance
of a country through voting. Chapter 1 contains a call to engage.

Chapter 2 is what we call the "I don't believe there is a problem"
chapter. It contains a dizzying assortment of real voting machine miscounts
in real elections, all documented to help you do additional research if
you like.

Next: Chapt. 3 - Solutions; Chapt. 4: Can the machines be rigged?

Watch for new uploads - they may appear early. Post them as many places
as you can; you should know that there are continuing efforts to block
publication of information about how our votes are counted, though
doing so has no legal merit and thwarts the First Amendment.

Diebold Election Systems issued a DMCA pull-down demand and
successfully shut down BlackBoxVoting.org, the sister site of BlackBoxVoting.com,
simply for putting a link to an unrelated page containing a link to
damaging internal memos. They asserted copyright privileges (confirming
the memos' authenticity). The memos are still available on the web, but
Diebold's action shut down our popular discussion and planning forum. We
may move our discussion forums to New Zealand, where there is more
support for free speech. ES&S sent a threat letter simply because they said
the information made them look bad.

Diffusion will help, and we ask you to assist us with this. There is
perhaps nothing simpler, or more important, that you can do. Read the
chapters and see: There is nothing illegal about them, and citizens
throughout the world have an absolute right to the information. If you are a
reporter, read the chapters, verify the information for yourself, and
then watch: If there is any corporate retaliation, please write about

Thanks to all of you who have contributed to bringing these issues into
public awareness.

Bev Harris
Black Box Voting: Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century
Contact for interviews: Schedule interviews with author Bev Harris by
calling David Allen at 336-454-7766.
Sorry the e-mails have changed. Here is a permanent one:

homepage: homepage: http://www.blackboxvoting.com

this is the most important book this year 01.Oct.2003 02:13


Everyone should read this! And get the word out.