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Undercover cops and their unwitting liberal co-conspirators

My comrade and I believe it is of utmost importance to make as many individuals as possible question all pre-conceived notions learned subconsciously through the inevitable process of socialization - ideas which the majority, many of whom consider themselves to be enlightened critical thinkers, naively accept as the gospel truth. Therefore, as in every other day of our lives, whenever we take to the streets, we attempt to make as many people as possible question their previously un-examined reasons for acting, speaking, and believing - police and protestors alike.

As usual, we called out the cops on the lawn for what they are, who they serve and protect, their motivations for deciding to become cops, and the impact that their brutal quelling of dissent has on their own families and friends.

We yelled, "So are your parents in there, paying $2,000 a plate? Your parents rich? No - they're working class just like us, or else you wouldn't be cops!"

"To serve and protect? Who you serving and protecting? The people? We're out here - you're pointing your guns at us! You're serving and protecting the rich - the ones in there! The same people who are closing our schools, slashing our budgets, cutting our jobs - and your families are affected too! You're traitors to your own families! How does it feel? Think about that tonight!"

After just such and exchange, a typical liberal counter-revolutionary sheep piped up behind us, "This is a peaceful protest! Don't be violent!"
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