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"Revolutionary Cells" Claims Bombings at Shaklee, Promises More

Bringing the bomb and the bullet back into amerikan politics, Revolutionary Cells --animal liberation brigade

September 30, 2003

ýRevolutionary Cellsţ Claims Bombings at Shaklee, Promises More

In an anonymous communication, the self-named Revolutionary Cells ˝ Animal Liberation Brigade took responsibility for the nail-filled bomb that exploded at the offices of Shaklee Inc. in Pleasanton, California last Friday. This is the first time that the Revolutionary Cells has described their objectives, principles and guidelines.

The communication is reprinted below in its entirety:

On the night of September 25th volunteers from the Revolutionary Cells attacked a subsidiary of a notorious HLS client, Yamanouchi. We left an approximately 10lb ammonium nitrate bomb strapped with nails outside of Shaklee Inc, whose CEO is both the CEO for Shaklee and Yamanouchi Consumer Inc. We gave all of the customers the chance, the choice, to withdraw their business from HLS. Now you all will have to reap what you have sown. All customers and their families are considered legitimate targets.

Hey Sean Lance, and the rest of the Chiron team, how are you sleeping? You never know when your house, your car even, might go boom. Who knows, that new car in the parking lot may be packed with explosives. Or maybe it will be a shot in the dark.

We have given all of the collaborators a chance to withdraw from their relations from HLS. We will now be doubling the size of every device we make. Today it is 10lbs, tomorrow 20....until your buildings are nothing more than rubble. It is time for this war to truely have two sides. No more will all of the killing be done by the oppressors, now the oppressed will strike back. We will be non-violent when the these people are non-violent to the animal nations.

In memory of all of those fallen before us in the war for liberation: Jill Phipps (animal activist), Barry Horne (ALF), Olaia Kastresana (ETA), Arkaitz Otazua (ETA), Angayarkanni (LTTE), Babu (LTTE), Bobby Sands (IRA), Patsy O'Hara (INLA), Carlos Guiliani (anti-globilization martyr), Lee Kyung-hae (farmer and anti-globablization victim), and many more on numerous other fronts. We won't forget you, we won't let your deaths be in vain.

Gora Euskadi Ta Askatasuna!
Up the Real IRA!
Long live the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine!
Viva La Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia!
Long live the Frontu Di Liberazione Naziunalista Corsu!
For the creation of Revolutionary Cells!
For Humyn, Earth & Animal Liberation!

Bringing the bomb and the bullet back into amerikan politics, Revolutionary Cells --animal liberation brigade


The revolutionary cells exists as a front group for militants across the liberationary movement spectrum. We are anarchists, communists, anti-racists, animal liberationists, earth liberationists, luddites, feminists, queer liberationists, and many more things across various other fronts. Where ever there is oppression there are those unwilling to idly stand by and let it occur, and those people make up the nucleus of the revolutionary cells.

Who are the revolutionary cells? It is an anti-gmo activist destroying a gmo crop, it is a basque youth driving a car packed with explosives destined for a spanish politician, it is a queer bashing back, a rape victim putting a bullet in the rapist, a corsican nationalist planting a bomb at a french bank, it is a cincinatti riot in response to police brutality, an animal liberationist shooting a vivisector dead on his doorstep. In short it is the spirit of resistance realized. It is moving from politics to praxis.

Anyone who takes part in the war against the oppressive heirarchies in this world can consider themselves a member of the Revolutionary Cells.

Revolutionary Cells Guidelines:

1. To take strategic direct action (be it non-violent or not) against the oppressive institutions that permeate the world.

2. Make every effort to minimize non-target casualties, be they human or non-human.

3. Respect a diversity of tactics, whether they be non-violent or not.

4. Any underground activist fighting for the liberation of the humyn, earth or animal nations may consider themselves a Revolutionary Cells volunteer.

- 30 -

homepage: homepage: http://www.arissa.org

Does'nt take a weatherman to know 30.Sep.2003 17:00

which way the wind blows

Oh, I forgot. The Weathermen were blown away by the back blast.

Elitist, moralistic "revolutions" will do nothing to further change -- except maybe in a fascist direction. Especially ones by nuts like these who target "All customers and their families" of some eviler than evil corporation.

COINTELPRO 30.Sep.2003 17:12


I doubt these "cells" are any more than black-ops government agents provoking a pretext for PATRIOT II.

There is no reason to use bombs in this struggle.

Everything can be accomplished through refusal to cooperate, demonstrations, and civil disobedience.

I AGREE WITH YOU 30.Sep.2003 20:29


Anarchist: I Iike what you say!

Actions against gentrification? 30.Sep.2003 21:38


Perhaps Arrissa will encouraging actions being taken against gentrifying businesses, like the new cafe Arrissa founder, Craig Rosebraugh is starting on Hawthorne Blvd?

background on shaklee please 01.Oct.2003 09:38


not familiar with crimes of shaklee. can someone (sorry-should this read 'somewyn'?) provide their deeds?

heh. 01.Oct.2003 11:34


somewyn wouldn't make sense. unless the word you were replacing was somewan.

Yes, give us some background on shaklee 01.Oct.2003 11:49


What is the big deal about shaklee?

Thankyou, Mr Ashcroft 01.Oct.2003 13:13

so transparent

This reads like a Pentagon news release, "minimize non-target casaulties," and the "either you're with us or your with them" attitude. Please, can the next phony state-sponsored call to violent action be a little more believable? Pathetic, Mr. Ashcroft.

perhaps the revolutionary cells people are agents provocateurs 01.Oct.2003 13:21


it would seem quite logical that these people operating under the "auspices" of the "revolutionary cells" are agents provocateurs, in other words, people who claim to be someone other than who they really are, in this context, claiming to be anti-capitalist liberation activists, but who really work for "our" government. the revolutionary cells may be just that- people trying to discredit autonomous social movements, particularly in the united $tate$, who employ completely non-violent tactics and strategies. in the same way that people in our government have infiltrated (provoked) numerous occurances simply in order to scare the public in the united states (such as the september 11th attacks, which could possibly have been caused by our government), they now are possibly provoking acts of violence against people who are not unlike them (the bosses of any/every industry). there have been numerous times when agents provocateurs have committed acts of property destruction (right now i can think of the black bloc). regardless of my true feelings about the revolutionary cells, i will admit that i am quite scared. i do not feel safe living in this country. i fear for my life every day. i fear for my friends' and allies' lives too.anti-capitalists must remember that we have each other (although i am currently far away from any significant anti-capitalist community so i am an exception).

Why not keep this article front and center constantly? 01.Oct.2003 14:59

Just another dumb-ass supporter of indymedia

You know, with an untraceable and unaccountable author, this article sure makes good journalism.

Why don't we take these unattributable, violent, half-cocked brush strokes and paint all of indymedia with them?

Posting it as a center news story is a great start, don't get me wrong. I mean where else would you put questionable calls to unaccountable violent action. Not like we'd want to look into the source a little and see if it really is cointelpro or something. Yep, the center page is right where this "content" should be.

But let's be extreme like the post says and take it to absurdity. Maybe some blood on the Indymedia Rose graphic, perhaps we could change the site colors to shades of red. Delete all other wimpy news and stick this story right to the top. Yes, that really fits with indymedia's goals of being the voice of the people and not some isolated special interest with it's own agenda.


This is a site I'd be PROUD to recommend to my friends and family. Yeah, right.

PS No Name For You Either!
Site design idea
Site design idea

violence 01.Oct.2003 16:35


This world is ruled by violence coupled with threats of violence - it always has been, and it always will be.

This is an unpleasant fact, but delusion can be fatal - and history is full of recurring examples of such fatality.

A monopoly on violence is great - as long as those in power are the ones doing the monopolizing. And those in power use many techniques to convince the oppressed to turn the other cheek.

Christianity - ah, the philosophy put out by the oppressors to keep the oppressed from struggling for a better world today. The pie in the sky!

And then there are the little rewards, the slop that falls out of the bucket, the dropping that the wealthy use to bribe the middle class into their despicable role as collaborators.

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe those in power will someday see that we are all right - they will see the light, see that their socially-accepted horrid mental wealth-sickness is the cause of 99% of the suffering in the world, and they will graciously change our societies so that everyone has enough to live good, satisfying lives; lives free from hunger, starvation, wage-slavery, and want -all because we ask them nicely. Because you know, those in power are where they are because of the nonpareil selfless humanitarian qualities that they possess, not because they are willing to limitlessly murder and torture and enslave in order to satisfy their never-ending sociopathic greed.

And speaking of sociopaths, how many women did Ted Bundy brutally kill? Now think how many men, women, and children the CEO's of the corporations on the Defense Department's payroll brutally killed just in the last 10 years or so in Iraq. I think a very conservative estimate of Iraqi children that were killed during the never-ending US bombing campaign that continued all throughout the 1990's (under the guidance of our lesser of two evil's president) is somewhere around half of a million. And most of these children died from dysentery due to the fact that the US strategically targeted Iraq's water supply systems, verified by leaked Defense Department documents. Now imagine what it would be like to die from dysentery. Or watch your child die from dysentery. To actually sh*t yourself to death.

But again, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe if we all have a few more permitted parades and sit-ins, the top one percent will realize their errors and stop committing genocide after genocide - all to support their insatiable sociopathic greed.

Re: violence 01.Oct.2003 18:54


<<This is an unpleasant fact, but delusion can be fatal - and history is full of recurring examples of such fatality.>>

You sure got that right. And your kind of delusional thinking is going to be fatal for someone. Like maybe some 10 year-old child of one of the "customers and their families," murdered for the rights of the "animal nations" by a spike-filled 20 pound bomb. This is fucking revolution???? You are every bit as sick as the bastards running the show.

Arissa either Segretti/Rove's troops or plain dumbasses 01.Oct.2003 19:08

old gravelhead

Violence accomplishes nothing but a backlash against the cause they supposedly are promoting.

Better go back and read the history of the last century if you wish to accomplish real change. Non-violence isn't just morally superior. It's tactically superior.

nazis. legal slavers. how were they stopped? anyone? Bueller? anyone? 01.Oct.2003 20:06


The middle-class self-help technique of "civil disobedience" while obediently paying your taxes keeps the ruling elite giggling gently to themselves. I suggest thise of you squeemish about violence reread history and find out how the nazi party and legal slavery were abolished. Hint; it wasn't by asking nicely. Don't be a dupe.

"The people in power will not disappear voluntarily, giving flowers to the cops just isn't going to work. This thinking is fostered by the establishment; they like nothing better than love and nonviolence. The only way I like to see cops given flowers is in a flower pot from a high window."
-- William S. Burroughs

Violence is a natural result of oppression and injustice. Abolitionist Frederick Douglass believed that when an escaped slave used force to prevent a slave-catcher from forcibly returning him to bondage, he or she was helping to lift slaves up from both their physical and mental bondage. It was the persistent lack of resistance in the face of unremitting oppression that had the most morally degrading influence on the oppressed.

"We cannot but shudder as we call to mind the horrors that have ever marked servile insurrections - we would avert them if we could; but shall the millions forever submit to robbery, to murder, to ignorance, and every unnamed evil which an irresponsible tyranny can devise, because the overthrow of that tyranny would be productive of horrors? We say not. The recoil, when it comes, will be in exact proportion to the wrongs inflicted; terrible as it will be, we accept and hope for it. The slaveholder has been tried and sentenced, his execution only waits the finish to the training of his executioners. He is training his own executioners."
-- Frederick Douglass, 1857

Civil Disobiedience is Middle class? 01.Oct.2003 20:57

wsp-pdx wsppdx@yahoo.com


What are you taking about? While there are many criticisms you can make against Civil disobedience, especially how it is used today in ritual, certainly it is ahistorical to label Civil Disobedience "middle class".

Blacks in the US south, middle class?

Blacks in South Africa, middle class?

Indian peasants working with Ghandi, middle class?

Just because the practice has fallen into misuse, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Guilt by association? 02.Oct.2003 02:08


I don't post here much, but I just wanted to say one thing. There's a very basic problem I have with this idea as it is put forth by "Revolutionary Cells", if they are indeed what they say they are and not just some bullshit COINTELPRO project designed to legitimize further criminalization of the environmental and animal rights communities. The problem I have is with the phrase "All customers and their families are considered legitimate targets". Families? I'm sorry, it smacks too much of the "ooops, well, you shouldn't have been around that person" collateral damage logic used by just about every brutal government in existance when they splatter someone else along with or instead of whoever they happened to be shooting at. Doing it with a nailbomb instead of a laser-guided Hellfire missile doesn't make it any less repulsive an idea. This whole thing just doesn't smell right to me though. It looks less like a revolutionary action and more like an attempt to gather together just about every damn group that the entrenched establishment has a mad-on for, ie. "We are anarchists, communists, anti-racists, animal liberationists, earth liberationists, luddites, feminists, queer liberationists", and tag them responsible for this, thereby justifying even more scrutiny, inflitration, agitation, brutal response. Or maybe an attempt to incite actual members of the aforementioned groups to similar action. Probably both. Plainly put, I wouldn't lose a wink of sleep if some intestinal parasite of a corporate head got themselves perished. My problem is when the method of their shuffling off this mortal coil results in everyone in the immediate area doing the same. From what I have seen around here since my bro turned me on to this site, I think a lot of you would have the same problem. Maybe I'm being unrealistic, but the same reason I can't justify the US military turning populated cities into shattered cemetaries under the guise of protecting us from "terrorists" is the same reason I can't justify someone turning families or random passers-by into meat abstract under the guise of "the war against the oppressive heirarchies". But, it's just my opinion, and I'm always open to discussion.

WASN'T ME! 02.Oct.2003 04:47

Nihil Allahntin ysab@efn.org

I didn't do it. I don't know who did it. And if you think I do well, "the truth is out there."

Irony 02.Oct.2003 06:13


Ironically, the people in support of armed revolution will likely not be participating in this debate. Because of their fear of violent retribution from the state. Just for talking about it.

If violence was tactically necessary during the American Revolution, and is indeed celebrated by fireworks on the Fourth of July, then how does it stand to reason that this celebrated tactic is so far out of bounds? Has a totalitarian government EVER relinquished power peacefully?

The threat of violence, as perpetrated by the state, is far more pervasive and insidious than whatever piddly actions most revolutionaries are capable of dreaming up. Who are you more threatened by? Cops or hippies?

Just a reminder: the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force employs 75 people (well-paid, full-time, with excellent benefits), largely to monitor, undermine and obstruct local progressive movements, extra-legally if necessary, just as red squads have always done in this country. It's probably a safe bet that they actively respond to such articles as the one above, in order to spur the debate in a certain direction. Note the veiled threat to Mr. Rosebaugh's business in reply #4.

Isn't a provocateur someone who calls for specific action in order for target activists to get trapped? If you don't call for specific action, but make a generalized call for revolution, that is not the same thing.

By any means necessary?? 02.Oct.2003 10:13


As soon as men decide that all means are permitted to fight an evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil that they set out to destroy.

Reality CHeck 02.Oct.2003 10:55


"nazis. legal slavers. how were they stopped? anyone? Bueller? anyone?"

Well, the nazis were stopped by armies. Mostly, the US army and the British Army. In other words, by the fascist war-mongering imperialists, right?

walk the walk? 02.Oct.2003 11:42

sovietspy sovietspy911@yahoo.com

After reading Craig Rosebraugh's websites thoroughly (www.pentagonlies.com and www.arissa.org), I noticed a common theme, which happened to be screaming out of my screen at all times and pretty hard to miss. The theme, of course, is that political violence (domestic terrorism) is a legitimate form of protest and/or revolt. I'm really not educated enough on political violence v. non-violence, or eithers ultimate success rate in acheiving "revolution" in order to take a real stand in either direction (although I could never imagine endorsing malicious behavior on another human being or even threatening it). However, a modest observation I made about Mr. Rosebraugh, is that he appears to be one of the most outspoken proponents for crippling economic infrastructure (whether it be bombing office buildings downtown or even a high traffic bridge), especially at the onset of the current war in Iraq. HOWEVER, if he truely attested to this belief or any other belief that buildings, bridges, or even people should be or should have been targeted because of the injustices which were reaped and are being reaped in Iraq, shouldn't we have heard about the federal building in Portland crumbling to the ground? Or shouldn't we have heard about the courthouse being littered with bullets? Or shouldn't we be having a difficult time getting to school in the morning because all of the bridges into downtown are no longer functioning? Well unless the corporate media is doing a REALLY good job of keeping things under wraps, I'm going to have to go out on a limb and suggest that none of these things has happened. But why not? If Craig is such a proponent of these types of actions, and even willing to create his own manifesto of sorts on his site about how to actually carry these types of actions out, then why hasn't he or his friends actually done it yet??? Perhaps because he is simply enjoying the limelight of being one of the forefront "activists" in the country, and enjoys being ridiculed as a psycho-facist-sociopath by not only his counterparts on the right or middle, but also by those on the left? I noticed he is coming out with his own book this Spring, and enjoys reaping hefty compensation from his speaking engagements. Doesn't that make him a capitalist too? Shouldn't he be on his own list of targets???

Question for the Sovietspy 02.Oct.2003 12:45

Just Wondering

" ........ and enjoys reaping hefty compensation from his speaking engagements ..........."
I'm curious, just how much does Mr.Rosebraugh reap from his speaking engagements? And what is your source to this knowledge of "hefty compensation?" Inquiring minds would like to know. Please enlighten us. And while on the topic of pay for services rendered, what is your annual take as a spy?

Hey, don't forget middle school & high school biology labs 02.Oct.2003 15:16

Overtly Sarcastic

Those labs are just breeding grounds for vivesectionists.

Reality Check for "Reality check" 02.Oct.2003 17:19


The British and American armies mainly stopped the Nazi's? Are you forgetting the tremendous effort of the USSR? They went farther, sustained more losses, and fought more Nazi's, for a longer period of time.

But they were imperialists too.

yep 02.Oct.2003 21:36


Every once in a while actions do take place that specificly target the US government. There needs to be more. This government and it's social and political practices will not fundamentally change without revolutionary action. Revolutionary change requires revolutionary action. If you're going to attack Mr Rosebraughs politics then indentify your political differences, and challenge his historical case examples. I personally respect your concern over the changing tide of political tactics and focus that this unbrella organizations callout represents. In response to the poster which implied that ALL revolutions lead to an increase in social conservatism, facist rule, or oppression in general- PLEASE go to school. PCC has some decent history classes- They're affordable even it your spang'in flo on a street corner. PLEASE!
I'm sure many here will find it hipocritical that I'd go to a school, and use whatever tools are at my disposal to create the change I seek, contrast this with the hippocracy of patriots in this country, or the marginal patriotism of rehtoricly liberal actavists who work to numericly dominate and undermine any effort at revolutionary change. These very actavists would personally attack Mr Rosebraugh, before questioning thier own ideas (let alone his). If I were you I'd be ashamed to look in the mirror.
It's like this-

If a someone seeks to harm you or someone you love and that person HAS GIVEN UP THIER PERSONAL CONSCIENCE, the conscience that many belive is nessicary to make and seek to make distinctions between right and wrong- Are you the kind of person that would stand idly by?

If so I renounce you as a coward, and a fool. If you claim to support revolutionary change, I denounce you as a LIAR. You are the type of person that would promote pacafism trainings for women. The victims of us policy deserve better.

If a government historicly represents this same lack of conscience and seeks to harm many lives of all shapes and sizes, if it demonstrates nothing less than a program for violent US world domination. Is it any better that the violence it inflicts happense somewhere else?

To the inebreated jerk that calls them self an>

I doubt these "cells" are any more than black-ops government agents provoking a pretext for PATRIOT II.

>Niether of us can prove we arn't feds. I can however demonstrate using historical precedents that the faith you and others place in absolute pacafism will not, and has not, created lasting revolutionary change anywhere.

right on heckno 03.Oct.2003 17:11


By dogmatically ruling out any tactics that are not currently hip in the hipster scene, this indymedia pacifist crowd reveals itself to be taking itself, and the problems the US government is inflicting on EVERYONE, completely unseriously, and with complete irresponsibly. By turning political issues into personal attacks on someone (who merely RELEASED the information onto indymedia, and obviously had NOTHING to do with the actual action) they prove themselves to be reactionary egotists who want nothing more than to feel right, about everything, including things they know nothing about.

Attacking craig rosebraugh's lifestyle (or alleged lifestyle) is about as tactically relevant as your universal condemnation of coercion in political change. just so you get it, that's TACTICALLLY A BUNCH OF BULL. I'm sure you'd love to think all revolutionary thoughts that exist emanate from his head, but just so you know he is one of many people who past and present are devoting their lives to make this world a more humane place, by taking out the largest terrorist in history, by any means necessary.

Serious Issues 09.Oct.2003 07:30


I think this group is a pathetic excuse for humans...I don't know what kind of childhood you people had but you have got some serious issues to deal with. And please, don't use a fake excuse like you're doing this for all mankind, thats bogus and you know it! All you want is some attention that perhaps you never received as children....your tantrums are impacting people's lives, that aint cool. People shouldn't be killed just because we don't believe the way you do. Give me a break, I don't care to see things the way you do. Does that make me your target now? I certainly hope not.... one other thing, just what are your ultimate goals??

news media inquiry 10.Oct.2003 13:49

News Reporter

i am seeking a thoughtful person in the san francisco bay area who advocates and acts in favor of violent animal rights actions. i wish to interview this person. the point is to have that voice in the mass news media as well as those who may bring a different perspective to this issue. thank you.

who edits your columns ? 14.Oct.2003 08:37

Matoaka EarlyMoon

What turned me on to you was an article in 10.13.o3 L..Times (Calendar section, by Kevin Donegan, BURNING ZEAL FOR CHANGE) . I like what you have to say . Great scourges require great means and peaceful, silent demonstrations are often left unseen, unheard, unanswered . Your total dedication is to be admired .
As for the "title" of my comment , author arissa's reader/editor may have fallen asleep, let me nudge him/her awake to gently remind him/her tat the word is TRULY (not truely), and HIERARCHIES (not heirarchies). Perhaps I'm nit-picking but good grammar and vovabulary are an asset to any group, revolutionary or not .
Thanks for the work you do . Best of luck, always . M.EM.