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BUMP IN THE ROAD THEATRE presents ELDERFEST on Sunday, October 12th beginning at 2:00pm on the campus of Concordia University, Portland.
Join us for an theatrical explorations and discussion about the joys, sorrows and dilemmas of aging and caregiving in this one day festival of events.

HANNAH FREE - 2:00 pm
The day begins with a reading of Hannah Free, a play by Claudia Allen that explores some of the challenges an elderly lesbian couple face as they confront their lives' ends. Hannah Free will spark your emotions and invite discussion about care of the elderly, definition of family and letting go.

5:00 - 6:30 pm
Enjoy a delicious dinner accompanied by delectable tunes provided by the Barry Glick Jazz Groove. Proceeds will fuel our second season. (reservations required!)

(Old Age Ain't)
A play about Aging and Caregiving
6:30 pm
A reading of our newest play follows dinner, beginning at 6:30 pm. (Old Age Ain't) No Place For Sissies, a play about Aging and Caregiving, takes it's title from the quip attributed to Bette Davis. No Place for Sissies explores, through a series of scenes and impressions, the challenges and joys of aging, caring for the elderly and the myths, stereotypes and issues that surround growing old.

BUMP values community conversation and public deliberation about the challenging issues we choose to examine, so moderated talkback sessions will take place after both readings. We invite you to contribute to the process through dialogue with our creative staff!

$25.00 for the whole day!
Individual admission to either reading: $5.00

All events take place at the Fine Arts Building at Concordia University
NE 27th & Highland

For reservations or more information, call 503-750-1439. Pre-payment may be made by mailing a check (before Oct. 4) to BUMP, 2143 SE 54th Ave, Portland, 97215

Hannah Free is made possible by support from The Equity Foundation and the Kregg Arntson and Theodore Fettig Fund of Equity Foundation.

(Old Age Ain't) No Place for Sissies is made possible, in part, by support from the Oregon Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.

homepage: homepage: http://www.bumpintheroad.org