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Tell Gordon Smith to demand a special counsel to investigate White House leak

I believe the Senator is wavering. If he were to join the call for a special counsel, the White House would be forced to comply.
Hello, all.

I'm writing today to urge you all to call or email Senator Gordon Smith and ask that he join with Senators Daschle, Schumer, and others in demanding an independent counsel to investigate the White House CIA leak.

For the backstory, see this link:


If Senator Smith, a "moderate" republican, were to join in the call, the White House will be hard pressed to ignore it. The Senate, as you know, is split down the middle. It only takes one or two republicans to join with the democrats and completely change the political dynamic.

Now is our chance to put this heinous and inept administartion on the defensive! Please contact Senator Smith!

He can be reached as follows:

(202) 224-3753
Web Form: gsmith.senate.gov/webform.htm


Portland number for smith 30.Sep.2003 11:49


A local number for Gordon Smith's office downtown is 503-326-3386

Write Wyden 30.Sep.2003 12:15

North Portlander

Senator Smith is in President's Bush's pocket. Writing him is a waste of time; write Ron Wyden. Over the past two years I've written regularly to Smith, Wyden, and Blumenauer. Wyden and Blumenauer always respond; I have yet to receive any sort of feedback or acknowledgment from Smith's office.

wyden's already making the demand 30.Sep.2003 12:32


don't waste your time on wyden unless you simply want to thank him for already doing this.

smith, however, should be focused on because he's not doing it.

and, while i hate smith's politics, interestingly enough smith has responded to every one of my letters. wyden hasn't responded to one.