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Jim Hightower Coming to PSU October 10th, Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed for a Jim Hightower talk benefitting The Portland Alliance, Alliance for Democracy and KBOO.
Jim Hightower, author of "There's Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos : A Work of Political Subversion" and "If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote, They'd Have Given Us Candidates" will be in Portland October 10th talking about his new book, "Thieves in High Places: They've Stolen Our Country--And Its Time to Take It Back".

The event will take place on October 8th at 7pm at PSUs Smith Ballroom (1825 SW Broadway). Tickets are $10-$20 sliding scale and all proceeds benefit The Portland Alliance, Alliance for Democracy and KBOO.

There is also a reception with Jim Hightower before the event, tickets are $35.

Volunteers get in FREE and are still needed for both the talk and the reception.

To get tickets or volunteer contact The Portland Alliance by phone at 503-239-4991or by email at  mazza@theportlandalliance.org.
What time will Hightower be speaking? 30.Sep.2003 12:08

just wondering

When Medea Benjamin spoke at PSU in August, she was scheduled to start at 7. She actually got her chance at 8, after several others spoke. Medea ended up cutting off her talk at 8:45. She hadn't finished her comments. The audience was fatigued, and she knew it.

What the speakers preceding Medea had to say was important, but the number of topics and length of some of the presentations reduced their effectiveness. And it seems to me that when someone is invited to be the speaker, that person deserves to be recognized and allowed to begin on time.

8th or 10th? 30.Sep.2003 13:42


Is the event on the 8th or the 10th of October?

so go find some volunteers 30.Sep.2003 15:07


The Portland Alliance, the Alliance for Democracy, and KBOO. I love KBOO, but can't any of the orgs call their lists and find some volunteers? What happened?

Try Wednesday 8th of October 30.Sep.2003 16:01


The Alliance sight is listing the date as October 8th NOT 10th.
SEE:  http://www.theportlandalliance.org/events/hightower.html

This is cool - thanks 30.Sep.2003 17:36

Glad To Help

It is always nice to be given information about how to get into these rather expensive events for free - thanks...

Pre-Speakers For Hightower 01.Oct.2003 13:26

Toni F

I remember all the speakers before Medea - that was pretty painful. I talked to Dave Mazza and here is what he says regarding pre-speakers for Hightower:

The Head of the PSU English Department will welcome us to PSU (2-3 min.),
Dave will introduce KBOO and Alliance for Democracy - (each will get 3-5 minutes)
and then Dave will close with a pitch for the Alliance and the introduction of Hightower (5 minutes).
So, folks will have to endure no more than 15-18 minutes of commercials before the event.

See you there.

Jim Hightower is coming to PSU Oct 8 not Oct 10! 06.Oct.2003 12:37

Dave Mazza mazza@theportlandalliance.org

Please note that the headline for the Hightower event is wrong. He is coming to Portland State University Ballroom on October 8 not October 10. Tickets are still available.