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for anyone who has cable and wants somethingworthwhile to watch

i recently found out that cable access (channle 23) plays FSTV reruns from around 12am-6am im in the TVTV area, i dont know if they play it on any other system.... but for all of those who live in beaverton i guess...
yup... it kicks ass... its all kinds of wonderful media. . . if you're an insomniac as well...

it does however insanely piss me off that this stuff is played in the most absurd hours of the day, and the rest of the day is nearly completely filled with pro-christian hate filled dogmatism...
I think that's why GOD, in her infinte wisdom, gave us VCRs 04.Oct.2003 18:29


Unfortunately, the FSTV (Free Speech TV) programs - which generally range in quality from very good to great - seems to roam around several channels on Portland Comcast's cable access (11, 21, and I think 22 and 23).

I'm hoping that some day the Goddess will create beings at public access stations that are able to create and distribute program guides (on air, online, and/or in print) for public access programing that are at least one fourth as detailed, accurate, and accessible as that for commercial programming.