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US-Iraq Policy - explained in a cartoon

tom tomorrow's cartoon reveals the ambiguity and mendacity in the empire's current demonization
For the tom tomorrow cartoon, click on

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bingo. 27.Sep.2003 07:27

this thing here

and like the complete idiots they are, they wonder why many in the world don't support them, much less trust them.

That's about right 27.Sep.2003 08:43

Fred Bauer

The latest lie is that they planned it that way. The story goes like this:

They knew we would have to fight these torrorist and did not want to have to do it on our own soil because that would endanger the American People. US. How they always look out for us is very touching. So with this in mind, they started a war over in Iraq because they knew that would draw all the bad guys over there for the final showdown.

You see, that's why he had to tell everybody that the war about about WMDs, that was just a clever ploy!

Of course the oil didn't have anything to do with it. Bush is like a little monkey caught in a trap. He cannot pull his hand out of the trap until he lets go of the prize inside.

Fred's comment taken to the next step..... 27.Sep.2003 11:44


And when the monkey can't pull out (cuz he's unwilling to let go of the oily prize--what were you thinking?!) it'll be fun to watch him get ribboned into Freedom Fries when the Dean/Clark//Clark/Dean freight train thunders thru Daddy-Boy's misadministration!