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ACLU Sues Secret Service

At events attended by Bush and other senior federal officials around the country, the Secret Service has been discriminating against protesters in violation of their free speech rights, the ACLU charged today in the first nationwide lawsuit of its kind.
"There is nothing more American than raising your voice in protest, and there is nothing more un-American than a government that attempts to hit the mute button when it doesn't like what it hears," said Witold Walczak, Legal Director of the ACLU of Greater Pittsburgh and a member of the national ACLU legal team that filed today's lawsuit.

The ACLU said it had seen a significant spike in such incidents under Bush, prompting it to charge officials with a "pattern and practice" of discrimination against those who disagree with government policies.

Peace March Videos 26.Sep.2003 21:03


I was videoed a couple of times at the peace march. I recollect three time that the athorities had cameras at the march and at the protest. This is my presuption. I did not ask whom the video guys worked for. Perhaps private parties- perhaps not. Most likely not.

Did anyone else notice?

Every time 26.Sep.2003 21:29


Every time without exception...people in or out of uniform (but standing on their side of the road) taping. Either the tourists love to videotape marches, or someone wants to know something personal about us. Are we just figuring this out?

Thinking of A21 26.Sep.2003 22:20


The ACLU's suit seems so blatantly obvious as to not merit mention. Yet their suit will fail. We are not terribly free, are we?

Oregon Not Mentioned 27.Sep.2003 10:27

North Portlander

In reading the article, I noticed that Oregon was not among the state's mentioned that have submitted examples of violations. Hard to believe . . . maybe they just neglected to list all of the sources of information. I can't believe there's been ANYPLACE in the country where the usurper, his shadow puppeteer Cheney or axeman Ashcroft appeared where there was not a "free speech" corral or area in which those expressing critical opinions were confined. The smaller venues were the worst.