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The PPRC rally and march today

a breif memory.
On the way over to city hall we were accosted by the fake preist guy that stands on the corner. He was yelling that we were all doing the devils work. We stopped in front of the Portland Business Alliance in order to annoy the security guards, and I noticed that he was talking to some police officers. Then he walked down by where we were standing, and pointed to someone in the crowd. It was probably devil himself. After that a bunch of video camera people from the crowd stood filming him while he ranted something.

We went on to city hall for some speeches, and music. I stood by the sidewalk with my sign. Cars were honking a lot today. Maybe they missed the peace camp.

The highlight of the march was when Hatfield himself walked out of the Republican fund raiser, and was followed by a woman protester shouting various things about greed and shame. She followed him accross the street, yelling the whole way. He just walked along with his wife, a wooden smile on his face.

A woman came out and begged us to stop because it was her daughters wedding inside. We broke up then and headed back to pioneer square,where we split up.
more! 26.Sep.2003 23:33


Drumming, dancing & chanting in front of the Republican fund-raiser was a "high." The business-suited men opposing us at the top of the stairs reeked of greed. Somebody ought to ask Hatfield about his departure....

Back at the Square, the drummers and about 20 of us stayed on to wave and support the Critical Mass-ers. They are a part of the peace effort. Regaining the streets, the sidewalks, the rivers and the mountaintops...........Get out of Iraq, NOW!

Fake priests 27.Sep.2003 00:16


There are actually two fake "priests." One's a black guy that always wears suspenders. The other's an older white guy wearing black and a priest's collar. I've flipped both of them off. I hate frauds.


I hate frauds... 27.Sep.2003 00:48

says the lovely manticore

I hate frauds, and I also hate priests!
All priests are frauds!

Why ... 27.Sep.2003 10:08


... do you call them fake priests? I've seen them both and never seen either do anything that would lead me to believe they're fakes. What have you seen that leads you to believe they are?

I'm the guy the minister with the collar tried to get arrested 27.Sep.2003 14:21

Brian indy@rivertext.com

Skate, he is not claiming to be a priest, but a minister with a collar. He has a card saying that apparently certifies that he is an ordained minister that he flashed in my face without my asking to see it.

I'm the videographer that he tried to get arrested. I'm posting a separate request for photos of the incident he involved me in on the newswire. If you have the photos or video please contact me at:


I don't need the images for legal purposes (I hope I'm not being too hasty in dismissing that possibility), but I'm working on film of 100th PPRC rally and this may work as a little comic relief. I'm hope no one is upset if I post this here as well:

Here is my story:

Actually, firetruck, that wasn't the devil he was pointing to that was me, one of the PDX indymedia video collective's newest videographers.

I had interviewed the "Preacher" earlier but I got little out of him other than: "you're all devil worshippers!! I support the President."

"Why do you support the President?"

"The Bible says, 'Blessed are the Peace makers."

So I left him and rejoined the march and I guess he followed me. A little later a police officer came up to me and told he needed to talk to me:

"What about?"

"We're conducting an investigation. Please step into the street" (away from the crowd.)

Then I noticed the crazy street preacher was there and pointing at me and saying, "He's going to kill all the Christians."

"He says you threatened him."


"He says you told him to kill all the Christians."

The funniest thing was when PPRC folks kept trying to interrupt to support me the cop kept saying:

"Keep on sidewalk we are having investigation."

Then to me:

"Did you threaten to kill all Christians?"

"Nonsense. I videotaped the whole thing, and I said no such thing."

"Can I see the videotape?"

After the officer promised not to confiscate the tape. We had a little impromptu indymedia video showing right there on SW Taylor.

After he saw me walk away after several minutes of the "Preacher's" mad ravings the officer asked "Is that all?"

And I said "Keep watching, I'm walking away from the preacher with the camera on, now I'm half way down the block where you found me."

I'd like to think that this ended the investigation, but the officer took my name down.

I did appreciate the audience of PPRC folks who stayed around to make sure as I showed the officer the interview. I felt much safer not being there alone.

A little bit more 28.Sep.2003 20:05


Someone who was obviously affiliated with the GOP walked by the marchers as we approached to building. He said "Put Saddam back in power." as if that were what it was all about.
Mainstream people still believe we are disloyal. It never was about putting Saddam back in power. We need to convince people that it's about discouraging the excesses of the most powerful government now on the planet.

Noblesse Oblige: We have the upper hand. We don't need to club the have-nots with it.