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Two Immigrant Worker Freedom Ride Busses Detained By Border Patrol in Texas

Solidarity forces racist cops to back off
Two busses on the Immigrant Worker Freedom Ride (www.iwfr.org) were stopped by Border Patrol agents just outside of EL Paso, Texas. People were apparently ordered off the buses to be indentified, but people refused to provide the documentation asked for. This show of strength and solidarity, plus the immediate intervention of the local Bishop and elected officials, most likely forced the Border Patrol to back off and let folks through. Si se puede!

Some great quotes from one of the organizers, who was quoted by a local radio station
story here:  http://www.woai.com/news/local/story.aspx?content_id=9a159db2-b1c0-4c44-9967-fa051f9e63b4

"They were asked for their identification but the passengers felt it was racial profiling and exercised their right to remain silent," Bicchieri said. "Almost everyone on both busses are people of color."

"This shows exactly why these laws are needed," Bicchieri said. "People who are working, paying taxes, contributing into this economy, contributing to this society, should not worry that when they drive to another part of the country they live in, that they will be stopped, and harassed, and asked for papers."

Bicchieri said 'if a group of Boy Scouts' had been traveling down the same route, "they wouldn't have been stopped and asked for documentation."
Freedom Rider Interview 26.Sep.2003 21:12

The PSU Rearguard

Read the pre-ride interview and update with Leone Bicchieri in the next issue of the Rearguard out October 1 and available on campus and in greater Portland.

thinking Person: Get over it, loser! 27.Sep.2003 11:02

La Chingona

Como chingas, Thinking Person? Tu mama no let you suck on her chi-chis after the age of 3, and now you're all wrapped up in arrested development and taking out your Oedipus complex on immigrants? Tu sabes, cabron? Perhaps you better start thinking about the tide to come: city councils are pushing for citizinship for undocumented immigrants in the military, California is sure to give legalization to agricultural workers, and ,if you don't watch out, they may be legally driving on a street near you! That's right, Popito, they're gonna get their greasy, wet backs all up in your face y tus nalgas, tambien. And there will not be a goddam thing that you will be able to do about it.

Perhaps it is you who should get on the bus, ojete! Stop trying to overcompensate for your choncha piqueno and let yourself be happy. Honestly, I am trying to understand your pov, but I just can't seem to get my head that far up my ass.

mexico is sinking
California is on fire
& we are all getting burned, aren't we?
But, what if suddenly the continent turned upside down?
What if suddenly 200,000 Anglo-Saxons
were to cross the border each month
to work as gardeners, waiters
3rd chair musicians, movie extras,
bouncers, babysitters, chauffers,
syndicated cartoons, feather-wieght boxers,
fruit-pickers, &
anonymous poets?
what if they were called waspanos,
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what if we were the top dogs?
what if literature was life, eh?
what if yo were tu
& tu feuras I, Mister?


Aqui estamos, y no nos vamos

Get over it.


How do I remove a post ? (Thinking Person) 27.Sep.2003 15:06

La Chingona

My reply to "Thinking Person" makes no sense because "Thinking Person(s)" post has disappeared! How do we get the post back or remove mine? Also, what has happened when a post disappears? Does this webmaster remove it? Why?