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Nerve gas chemicals bubble up in Hood Canal today

What do you know about this rumour that mustard gas dumped into Hood Canal, Straits of Juan de Fuca are coming to surface at this time?
Who knows anything about nerve gas agents (mustard gas) that were dumped in the Straits of Juan de Fuca about 50 years ago that are presently coming up to the surface of the water at this time?
Thank you, Dumplin'

assumed information of location:
...On 09-10-03 at or around 13:30 (deleted) and myself launched my boat at the Potlatch ramp. The boat is launched and the water is clear. When I return from parking the truck and trailer there is a brown substance rolling with force in the water...-As we are leaving this area with the brown balls rolling with force some water splashed over the bow of the boat and hit (deleted) on his face. I had a drop of water that hit my face. Three days later (deleted) has sores where the water hit his face and I have a rash. All documented. I have been in the house and sleeping feeling like I was run over by a truck with a bad headache since the exposure. I am still having a problem with the headache and I do not have much energy. (deleted) and I both had a low energy problem the day after the incident.

3-The day of the exposure I had breathing problems.

4-I have been talking to you about this and thought the Mason County, County Commissioners were interested in what was causing the fish deaths.

5-If this light exposure did this to me what is it going to do to the Scuba divers?

1-I am a trained investigator that has documented the events and has physical evidence to back all my claims. I was on the canal for 4-8 hours a day at least twice a week following the fish kill. Not to mention I am the one who documented the death of all the birds. Eagles, Seagulls, fish eating ducks. This is not a vague recollection of the events.

2-You are not willing to interview or check into any information I have sent you or you would be contacting the following places to verify what has been claimed
A-Colonel Conrad Mialkowski Canadian Military
B-(deleted)-Witness one of the personnel that actually dumped the mustard gas
C-Canadian Parliament Minister Jim Fulton
D-Getting a copy of the Victoria BC Times for September 16, 1947
E-Defense minister Perrin Beatty
F-Former Congressman John Miller
G-Umatilla Military Chemical Depot
J-The Canadian government is working on a clean up. Did you check into that?

...is referred to by the fishermen at Port Angeles as the dump.

Thank you for your recent inquiry to the Governor regarding chemical weapons in the Straits of Juan de Fuca. We have done extensive research into your concern with both the Chemical Stockpile Coordinator and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Although it was common international practice to dump chemical weapons as a means of destroying them prior to 1970, the documented history of this practice did not include either accidental or purposeful disposition in the Strait of Juan de Fuca since the 1940s. There is little documentation before 1940. All documented international sites are monitored and tracked for any problems......

...concerns about chemical weapons that were dumped in the Straits of Juan De Fuca over the past 50 years or so...mustard does not readily breakdown in water.

In 1947 the Canadian Military Forces, at Esquimalt, British Columbia, dumped nearly one million pounds of chemical weapons in the Straits of Juan De Fuca under the cover of darkness. As a result of citizens like (deleted) and myself to expose past disposal practices, the Canadian government is making an effort to clean up the mess they made by attempting to recover their weapons for proper disposal.

Lies will only serve to get more and more people hurt from unlawful disposal and government coverups.

I wish to clarify something you may have been confused about. We are talking of weapons grade mustard agents. This is not the same mustard you would put on your sandwich.

I being a reasonable man would understand from my original E-mail that we where talking about a mustard agent used in combat and not table grade. However I think that your reply to me would indicate that for some reason you where thinking of the eatable mustard. If it where the eatable mustard I would have no problem with it being in the Straits or Hood Canal.

If you have anymore questions or if there is anything I can help you with on this, please feel free to ask.