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Great expose of why you can't normally win in court. Admiralty Maritime Jurisdiction exposed.
The Court is a WAR ZONE because you're in a military jurisdiction. Use every weapon you have to prevail. Here is a good one, TRUTH
Informative - NOT 26.Sep.2003 15:27


Care to elaborate?

It's an old schtick 26.Sep.2003 17:30

Harry Flashman

The "tax protestor" types are enamored of claims that U. S. civil and criminal courts are actually administering Admiralty law instead of U.S. statutes.

There's a bit on that in Dan Evans' Tax Protestor FAQ, here:  http://evans-legal.com/dan/tpfaq.html#admiralty

That, or the notion that our courts are actually military courts (the "evidence" for that usually consists of gold fringe on the flag, is also popular among the right-wing-paranoid "the NWO black helicopters are coming to take our guns and fluoridate our beer" market segment.

It's old, it's been refuted umpteen times, and like most paranoid conspiracy theories, it keeps rising, zombie-like, to feed on the brains of the living.

A Google on such items as "Admiralty court" and "gold fringe" should turn up plenty of entertaining stuff.

Thanks Harry 26.Sep.2003 20:48


I'll give it a look see.