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Letters the Local Media Won't Print

Even the Alliance didn't see my choice of words fit to print.
To the television reporter who asked me, "do you want us to document this or not."

While standing with my arm up, waving a peace sign, standing in front of city hall at last friday's peaceful response rally. (a few weeks ago now) I, with others concerned about our terror-war and terror-state crisis, had the opportunity to spout a little background truth into a station reporter's microphone. When the "report" appeared to go live, I raised the words "conscience, conscience America," and repeated them as long as I thought the tape was rolling. To this unwanted intrusion, this unnamed t.v. "reporter" responded with the words that appear above. To this I retorted, "It's gotten that bad hasn't it." After some moments of thought, my response to him is this; I would like it if there were real documents of this protest for the people of this city and state to see or hear, but sadly, all that we can hope for from you careerist media-cartel servants are disheartening and disgusting documents of the latest spin and continual wash of fear-mongering and broadcast deception.

God bless you, local activists, and all those who seek and report the truth.

And the one I sent to the Tribune:

Dear Editor of the Portland Tribune,

After reading the August 22nd issue of the Trib., I found your front page article, "Bush: Mission Accomplished," would be more aptly titled "Bush: Treason Accomplished." Your article on one of the biggest local events of this year manages to evade mention of even one anti-war statement reverberating from the hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of people who gathered in North Portland to put shame on our President George W. Bush. By keeping it's focus on local police and their actions, your coverage obscures the voices of many members of this community whose conscience brought them out of their homes, and away from their work-places, to speak out against our President's policies of war-mongering and anti-American legislation. In a time when the United States President and his administration can fill American ears with double-talk and outright deceit, and get little backlash from those who broadcast this "news," it appears that in the world of profiting from military budgets whose result is the bombing and killing of thousands of gods children, those who have compromised our nations beaurocrats with entrenched money have every reason to say smugly, "Bush: Treason Accomplished."

For Peace, Truth, and Justice,

Indymedia contributor yours truly. :)