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Donate stuff for Oct. 4th fundraising garage sale to benefit CAAT(Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing)

CAAT (Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing) needs your help. In order to keep spreading the truth about bogus, wasteful animal research going on at OHSU and across the country, we are having a fundraising garage sale Saturday, Oct. 4.
What's wrong with OHSU's primate center?

OHSU's National Primate Research center has been around for over 40 years, sucking up hundreds of millions of tax dollars. While social services are disappearing and people are dying from lack of medical treatment, OHSU keeps taking our money for research that is producing nothing of value.

Here is an example of where our money is going. At OHSU's primate center, researcher Judy Cameron implants large monitoring device under the skin on the backs of young monkeys. Then remote control gliders are flown over their heads to induce stress. She claims this will help us understand adolescent depression. Doctors and scientists have pointed out the fact that any data gathered from this is completely irrelevant to humans. Yet it only takes common sense to see that depression is a complex social, cultural and physical phenomenon specific to the species suffering from it. While we have no say in OHSU wasting our money on this and countless other inapplicable studies, mental health services for those actually suffering from depression, addiction and other mental health problems are disappearing and services for at-risk youth are being decimated.

CAAT is spreading the message that contrary to claims that animal research saves lives, it is in fact doing more harm than good to human health.

This is your chance to put all that stuff just sitting around to good use!

If you can help with donations of stuff for the garage sale (money is good too) and you'd like to arrange drop-off or pick-up of your donations, contact CAAT at: caatinfo@lists.riseup.net
or call the CAAT line at

All proceeds will help continue CAAT's grassroots campaign to shut down OHSU's primate research center. CAAT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

"Taxpayers should not be robbed of money, and monkeys of their lives, to indulge the whims of researchers for such frivolity" -Dr. Murray J. Cohen of the Medical Research Modernization Committee referring to research at OHSU's primate center.

Read more at the CAAT Website