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Lying by telling the truth

The crowd believes their chaps come home as heroes but they are coming home as nerve-shattered helpless cripples
The mainstream media in stranglehold of the Bush administration tell you lies by telling the truth because

mercenaries simple declared as wounded comes home not wounded with a easy healing full penetration. They come

home with ragged legs and arms, destroyed faces, crippled for a lifetime. Nerve-shattered and wheelchair-bound

Who really take serious pity on these US mercenaries, trained killing machines fully trigger happy.
Nobody but Americans.
And this blind folk let them bleed more and more, month for month because they are to stupid to see the fraud.

The great idea of a multiple raid on Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon is definitely deadlocked in a new Vietnam and in consequnce the Iran construct a nuke and Saudi Arabia will buy one for self-protection.
But stuff it! Two more nukes are really nothing against 300 israeli ones ready for action.

What a great fucking US policy

homepage: homepage: http://www.strike-free.net

Who takes pity on them? 26.Sep.2003 08:37


I'll tell you who helps them or tries to. The men and women who work in the Medical corps of the Armed Forces and in VA Hospitals around the country.

With little or no funding, they work to assist US Soldiers and Veterans whenever possible. Also other Veterans help out whenever they can by doing volunteer work at these hospitals.

You call them "mercenaries, trained killing machines fully trigger happy" but it's because of their work that you are able to put up sites like the one you linked to. Instead of labeling them and judging them, why not talk to some of them first, volunteer your time at a VA Hospital and get to know them?
American by birth, Kentuckian by choice, Coast Guard by destiny!
American by birth, Kentuckian by choice, Coast Guard by destiny!

PoohNTigger, explain your troll self 27.Sep.2003 02:01


How are US soldiers protecting my right to free speech by invading and occupying Iraq?

Please explain.

PoohNTiger 28.Sep.2003 10:09


I used to work in a VA hospital, am a veteran and have spoken to many vets. Many of them come home critical of the military and of the VA and the cut benefits. The war in Iraq is a farce of major proportions led by the biggest REMF (rear echelon motherfucker) in history, aka GWB.