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PPRC to mark 100th Friday Rally on Sept. 26th

The Portland Peaceful Response Coalition [PPRC] Marks 100th Friday Rally and March for Peace at Pioneer Courthouse Square; Local "Angel" to Sing as Marchers Rededicate to Struggle for Peace
The Portland Peaceful Response Coalition will be marking the 100th Friday rally and march for peace at Pioneer Courthouse Square this coming Friday, September 26th. "We've been out here every week for 100 consecutive weeks with our simple message, calling for peace and justice and for nonviolence in place of the criminal and dangerous policies of our government's so-called 'war on terror'," said Mikel Clayhold, a volunteer with the PPRC. "We mark this 100th rally with grief for the thousands who have been slaughtered in the US wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, we again call on Americans to actively oppose the Bush Administration's colonial ambitions in the Middle East, and we rededicate ourselves to this long and difficult struggle to set our country on the path to peace and justice."

The Friday marchers will proceed to City Hall, a frequent destination for the Friday rally, where local musician, Ms. Melinda Pittman, will perform several songs to mark the centennial rally and march. Ms. Pittman is widely known from her performances with Angels of the Next Generation and the Fallen Angel Choir. She is currently appearing in her new musical "Fat and Sassy". Past work includes the critically acclaimed "Disarming Women", a work focusing on four generations of women peacemakers.

"This morning we once again read in the news that there is no evidence of the weapons of mass destruction that were the centerpiece for Bush's fraudulent case for war," said Clayhold. "Our 100th Friday rally is a testament to the dedication of those Americans, growing in number, who stand against the criminal lies and violence that are corrupting our country and devastating the world."
Congratulations are in order! 26.Sep.2003 22:24

Ex0duS AKA Dev/Null AKA Arthur Bradshaw

Good Job... Thats all I have to say Is damn good job!