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Clear Channel radio station promotes driving into cyclists as fun

Clear Channel Communications radio station, G105 promotes driving into cyclists as fun. (9/22-23/03).

The Bob and Madison morning show on G105 out of Raleigh was going on for awhile about how fun it is to run cyclists off of the roads, and how we don't deserve to be there.
One woman called in and said her Dad hit a cyclist on purpose on his way to church one morning (very Christian of him) when she was 12 or something. She said he just hated bikes being on the road. The intern said there is an old man that lives in her neighborhood that shoots a pellet gun at a group of 30 or so that ride by their house.she said. He tries to hit their tires to make them crash.

The host even joked of riding a motorcycle down said-proposed bike path just to piss off bike riders.

The hosts egged-on the listeners in support of physically hurting cyclists as a way of telling us they don't want us on the road.

The ending shot was Bob, the host, talking about carrying a bunch of empty YooHoo bottles to pelt offending cyclists with. Once again, more calls rained in from people who agreed with him, and said that they would do the same. Clear Channel stations across the nation are broadcasting almost criminal "kill bicyclists" verbiage by shock jocks. The recent attacks occured on G105 in the NC Triangle market two days in a row (9/22-23/03). This follows similar comments by shows in Houston and Cleveland. Perhaps it is time to let Clear Channel know that these actions will not be tolerated by the cycling community. I would suggest contacting current advertisers, both local and national, until Clear Channel adresses this problem. Some of the advertisers with G105 include Toyota, US Cellular, Con Agra Foods, Applebees, and Kroger.

This info was gathered from numerous posts on cycling forums and first hand accounts of the broadcast. TMTB.com urges you to contact the advertizers on the show, g105 and Clear Channel to politely voice your opinion on the subject. They follow the money. If enough people write in and let them know they are going to stop listening, stop going to the companies that advertise; they might get the message.

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Jeez... 25.Sep.2003 14:55


If bombing Iraq wasn't enough... now they want to kill cyclists "for fun?" Clear Channel needs to get a clue and realize that bikes are traffic too. Hmm... maybe Critical Mass should pay a little visit to the clearly evil raido station itself here in Portland to make our voice heard.

What do you think?

Well doesn't this just suck--and we need to do something about it! 25.Sep.2003 19:42


Thanks for posting this. I had heard about the previous Houston incident and was under the impression that Clear Channel was taking steps to prevent more of these incidents from occurring at the national level, but I guess I was wrong...I hate to be paranoid, but I think the current federal administration hates cyclists--for not being slaves to oil, for being independent, for not conforming to the usual sheeple profile, just for starters. There's probably some small-minded Paul Wolfowitz type in a dark closet in DC writing copy for the shock jocks to read on these morning shows being broadcast to the 'motoring majority'. 'Professional', ' commercial' and 'delivery' drivers seem to listen very closely, as they seem to be involved in an inordinate amount of accidents and traffic fatalities involving cyclists. These are not drunk drivers, folks, these are people that have been incited to attack harmless bicyclists with their vehicles, by the morons that pass for 'radio personalities' these days. All cyclists need to take a stand against these motor-mouths and the motorists who respond with physical aggression using their vehicles as weapons of mass destruction. As much as I hate to suggest it, I think that a tactical lawsuit is in order, as well as some very focused direct action against the broadcasters that support this type of domestic right-wing terrorism. Public streets are for people, not for cars! See y'all at Critical Mass, this Friday, September 26, 5:30 PM, North Park blocks!

better yet, join Essential Information's complaint to the FCC... 25.Sep.2003 20:19

Essential Information

Essential Information, a DC-based public interest advocacy group, has filed an FCC complaint demanding the denial of Clear Channel's license renewals on grounds of a pattern of gross criminal misconduct. See

Another Good Reason 25.Sep.2003 22:17


Another Good Reason to get involved and INTERVENE in mainstream society. Another good reason to call AM radio spin jockeys and let them get a wiff of fresh air!

more good reasons 29.Sep.2003 08:01

Polyhead Polyhead@polyhead.net

Another reason to own a nice heavy U-Lock.

Defense of delivery drivers/bicycles 30.Sep.2003 05:03

mark lazybee45@aol.com

Note please that I AM a delivery driver. I listen to Rush and to other people,most on CLear Channel stations. Or at least I DID! and am fairly "conservative". Note too that my major use of vehicles is a TRUCK, a semi to be precise. Not for personal transportation, that is stupid! But for work. For personal transportation I use a motorcycle or a bicycle most of the time. When driving my truck, I have much the same problem with automobiles that these people have with bicycles. They are small and in my way! On the other hand, I don't run them off the road either! Courtesy is the key to this, not hostility. But this should be addressed! I have friends in the Broadcasting business and have written to all of them about this in my local area. Personally I believe that delivery drivers do all they can to NOT get into accidents (especially UPS and FED X drivers, do you know the PAPERWORK invoved in an accident? For that ALONE they would avoid such!) there is a lot of exposure though!

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Easy Rider Redux 01.Oct.2003 09:08

M. Ghandi

Isn't this the ending scene of "Easy Rider" all over again. Anyone who lived through the sixties, and remembers the impact of that scene [and film], must be quaking in their Birkenstocks after reading this filth. No wonder Dubya has so little opposition in his unilateral war policies, he has clones all over the country.

Contact G105's top web advertisers (Kroger & Applebee's) 01.Oct.2003 14:19


Apparently ClearChannel execs are at G105 today discussing the matter, at least according to whomever answered the phone. "Yes, we know about the bicycle thing..."

Anyway, a call to Kroger and Applebees, two of G105.com's advertisers, couldn't hurt.

They lost advertising from ... Ford 09.Oct.2003 11:30

mikeraz mikeraz@patch.com

From the Road Bike Rider newsletter ( http://www.roadbikerider.com):

The outcry from the cycling community and other outraged citizens has been tremendous.

And effective. The Raleigh station lost at least one large local advertiser, a Ford dealership. The offending shock jocks were taken off the air. Cyclists picketed, which
focused reporters on the station's transgression.

The LA Times published an article this week, "Mikes vs. Bikes." It put Clear Channel in the negative light it so richly deserves.

Good Morning America contacted the League of American Bicyclists, the country's primary cycling advocacy organization. There's a chance that LAB communications
director Patrick McCormick will appear on the show.

The licence for the station is also up for renewal on December 1. Here's some FCC contacts in case you'd like to express your interest in the matter.

Chairman Michael K. Powell:  mpowell@fcc.gov
Commissioner Kathleen Q. Abernathy:  kabernat@fcc.gov
Commissioner Michael J. Copps:  mcopps@fcc.gov
Commissioner Kevin J. Martin:  kjmweb@fcc.gov
Commissioner Jonathan S. Adelstein:  jadelste@fcc.gov

bike 4 cleaner air 04.Nov.2003 20:11


Are the Clear-Channel DJs advocating 4 more smog in the air? Every bike on the road is one less vehicle emitting NOx (becomes carcinogenic ozone, photochemical smog), carbon monoxide and CO2. Every SUV emits twice the amount of these toxins as smaller cars. In the summertime the clouds of haze and smog are health hazards..

Bicyclists are pedaling 4 a cleaner future where children won't have asthma attacks at early age. We only ask 4 respect from auto drivers. When radio talk show hosts advocate violence against bicyclists they are also advocating indirect violence against children via smog resulting from fossil fuel combustion..

Violence against bicyclists and children will not be tolerated..

..the two Clear-Channel DJs who advocate violence will be held accountable for these threatening statements..

bicycle 4 cleaner air 04.Nov.2003 21:11


Do the 2 Clear Channel DJs advocate smog? Every person on a bicycle is one less motor vehicle emitting exhaust containing NOx (becomes carcinogenic ozone), carbon monoxide (depletes oxygen in brain),and CO2. Fossil fuel combustion is the leading cause of asthma and lung cancer in children living near areas of high vehicle traffic..

Advocating violence against bicyclists is equivalent to advocating violence against the lungs of children. Scaring bicyclists off the road into vehicles will increase smog and asthma. The comments of the 2 Clear Channel DJs were threatening and dangerous to human life, these two individuals need to be held accountable for their message..

Bicyclists are a sustainable alternative to petroleum dependency and safer for children's lungs..

Keep on cycling!!

For info on low level carbon monoxide poisoning from fossil fuel combustion visit CO headquarters;

Go For the Pocketbook!! 05.Nov.2003 07:13


Here's some advertisers contact info:

US Cellular Customer Care
PublicAffairs& Communications@uscellular.com

Media Contact
Laurie Ellison, Director of Corporate Communications
(913) 967-2718

Carol DiRaimo, Executive Director of Investor Relations
(913) 967-4109
Email:  ca.diraimo@applebees.com



clear channel response 05.Nov.2003 16:39


a friend recently wrote to me: "i noticed a snippet in the salt lake city newspaper (of all papers) that mentioned this incident; the article stated that clear channel had apologized, and was donating $10,000 as well as air time to promoting bike awareness and safety. so it looks like they ended up doing more than just saying sorry. i'm not sure if they took any action against the on-air "personalities", though."

we had sent letters to clear channel back in september and got this canned response:

September 30, 2003

Thank you for your e-mail message regarding recent Bob and Madison morning show broadcasts on G105.

Our morning show includes a good deal of animated banter, between callers and on-air personalities, that can be both humorous and caustic. The intention is always to entertain our listeners. During a couple of shows this week, time was spent by callers and on-air
personalities discussing driving and cyclists. During this discussion, comments were made which at the time we felt were humorous in nature. In retrospect we feel that the some of the comments were inappropriate, and for that we sincerely apologize.

Be assured that G105 does not advocate harm to cyclists. Again, thank you for your message and please feel free to write or phone me in the event I can be of service.

Best regards,

Ken Spitzer
Regional Vice President
G105-FM Radio
Phone: 919-878-1500

Bah! 05.Nov.2003 18:02

. Nevaway242@yahoo.com

What? These assholes were paid to say this. Americans are so stupid! I am disgusted to have been born here. They put other poeple in prison for their politics for years and they don't do anything to these DJs who incite attacks on innocent people. I am a bycicle commuter and I have been assaulted so many times, one asshole even went so far as to expose himself to me. When you are going to work or school, or to another town, and it is raining, the last thing you want is to be fucked with. It makes me pissed that these guys think that this is funny.

Criminal sanctions 28.Oct.2004 02:09


I'm a pretty conservative guy too, and a telecom engineer who does a lot of commercial driving to client sites. Cyclists are no different than anyone else on the road, most are law-abiding, a few aren't, and the smart thing for drivers to do is just keep cool and drive safely.

What really bugs me about those idiots on the radio is that they were ADVOCATING LAWLESS BEHAVIOR: ASSAULT IS A CRIME. Holy cow, and a lot of y'all liberals don't even get that point, but it's a really important one!

What do you do if a radio "personality" is hosting a call-in show about how to pickpocket, or how to burglarize a house, or how much fun it is to stick up someone with a gun, especially if they have kids and you can watch the kids whimper and cry while the terrified parent hands over their wallet? What do you do if the show is about how to rob a bank? "Hey, audience, wait for the Brinks truck to pull up in front, and when the guard bends down to tie his shoes, whack him over the head, ha ha ha!"

What you should do is go for criminal and civil penalties. Get hold of a lawyer and file a complaint with your local District Attorney, including transcripts of the programming. Free speech does not include the right to yell Fire in a crowded theatre, and it sure as H*ll doesn't include the right to go advocating criminal behavior, particularly violent crimes against persons.

Meanwhile, cyclists who are hit by motorists or otherwise attacked: Call the cops, press charges, and file a civil lawsuit while you're at it. You can end up owning the assailant's house, which is a pretty good deterrent against people doing that kind of thing. When you're in court, try to get the assailant to admit that they listened to that radio show. Now you have a civil lawsuit against the radio station, same as you can sue a bar that serves booze to a guy who goes on the road and kills someone. The radio station is liable and you can end up owning them too.

In fact a few well-placed lawyer letters to the station owners, telling them exactly what their liabilities are for that kind of thing, could get those a**h***s off the air permanently.

Last but not least, if you live in an area where you might be subject to assault when you're riding a bike, get a gun and a cellphone, and learn how to DEFEND YOURSELF. Someone runs you off the road and looks like they did it on purpose, shoot out their tires, and hold them while you call the cops. Someone throws stuff at you, same deal. If you are being attacked and believe there is a viable threat to your own life, you can shoot. A few dead road-ragers will go a long way to making the would-be's think twice before they run bikes off the road or throw stuff at 'em.

Start up a local club, "Bikes and Bullets" or something like that, to run organized gun safety courses and target practice drills. Send publicity materials to the local press saying you're getting organized in order to deal with the rising tide of deliberate assaults on cyclists. Have regular club outings to a local shooting range where you can practice. Do everything possible to make it clear that you and yours are willing to defend yourselves, and the bullies should be running scared of you. I'm deadly serious. Think of it as a deterrence policy. Right now bullies and criminal a**h***s see cyclists as tempting targets that don't fight back. Start fighting back and you're not a target any more.