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Homegrown Terrorists ?

School shootings = terrorism.
Why, one wonders, are the various school shootings that seem to be an ongoing occurence not characterized in the media as acts of terrorism ? Last week it was Spokane, WA and this week, Cold Spring, MN, clearly this appears to be a reaction to stress that has been embraced by ceratin youths. In times when the non-violent (against living beings) actions of environmentalists are lumped in with flying planes into buildings as Terrorism, I can't see why bringing a gun into school (or the workplace for that matter as these incidents seem to arise every couple of months also) and shooting up a bunch of folks isn't a big priority for Homeland security. Perhaps they would dislike the conclusions (a la Moore's Bowling For Columbine) they would have to face. It's just so disturbing to see hatred being promulgated against brown people (again) when the real life threat is the kid sitting in the next desk or the guy punching the clock next to you.
the T word 26.Sep.2003 06:24

My my...

Other forms of terrorism that arenīt taken seriously by the mainstream:


i think youve got it 28.Sep.2003 00:38


yup, they dont call it terrorrism because theres no fucking way they could do anything about it.... and that woulndt look very good for the "war on terror" now would it?.. .the point is, yes, the majority of violent acts could be called "terrorism" but anyone who thinks "fighting terrorism" is a real goal, really ought to re-examine the situation.

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point is, any kind of war declared by a group that has too few people to pose a real military threat by numbers, will most likely end up being "terrorism" because that is the most effective way to fight...

and yes, school shootings are terrorism, and they exist for the same reason that palistinians are terrorists, the same reason that anyone is a terrorist.. because the american way of life is utterly fucked, and those kids have no where else to go...