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Critical Mass Celebrates 10 years on PDX Streets On Friday

No one gives a shit anymore.
No one gives a shit about CM anymore, but the 10 year anniversary is this Friday, why dont we have a real CM and take back the streets? We arent going to win anything playing by their rules and we are losing right now. I have been quite disgusted with the state of CM so please come out there and change the minds of me and the rest of the people by riding your bicycle and taking back the streets.
Not expecting a single post but for a sickened second 24.Sep.2003 23:39


Yeah its all sad man. Im begining to hate all the so called activism thats been going around. Yeah cuss me out because I believe that change only comes by radical acts, and no matter how much we kid ourselves, everything is against us. The media. The state. We are supposed to be asking for change and make it better, if not for us then the next wave, but how do you when when you play buy their game? If we are not criticized as extremists with no souls were the damn hippies that smoke pot and yell peace while being put into pieces. Activisim is fighting for what you believe, the Roman Empire didnt ask for its right to live. Maybe everyone else is tired of fighting, or hell tired tired. All I want to know is how many here still consider themselves, without a MOMENT of doubt, an activist. No excuses or grey, its like this. If there is something you think is an injustice, are you willing to go and take the pain for it and keep your honor clean? Or are you happy sticking around in just another line the state has stuck you in, marching down confined streets like the sheep we are disguested with? Who is still the activist that will literally stand and fight till one is left standing?

I plan on being there 25.Sep.2003 01:42


All I know is that I had planned on being at critical mass this Friday, and I had no idea it was the 10th anniversary. I REALLY plan on being there now............and I will let everyone I know to be there. See u all out in the streets.

Stay Strong! 25.Sep.2003 02:40


Stay strong! Stay hopeful!

Local activism has taken an unfortunate, but almost necessary, backseat to all of the global domination that is manifested by the WTO, FTAA, SOA, etc. Things will swing back to the local focus once everyone feels that the biggest emergencies are beaten back. Everyone who doesn't have to pause a moment to say, "I'm an activist", doesn't have to pause a moment to say, "I'm tired" right now.

Critical Mass will go on.

CM is a pseudo-revolutionary, diversionary pastime 25.Sep.2003 08:49


Portland CM was lost by its own lazy participants. The popo broke CM without really trying. If you can't hold CM together and win, you don't deserve it. Have fun Friday, but don't waste your time beating a dead horse. Perhaps the popo have done us a favor preventing hipsters from wasting their time on pseudo-revolutionary pastimes.

critical mass meets obstruction as nuisance 25.Sep.2003 12:18

skinny boy floyd

Friday September 26-is going to be a tremendous day-night of beautiful shining activism.
There are many obstacles in which we still encounter and the way not to overcome those is to believe that the obstacles are insurmountable.
The way to overcome is to take a look at where we are and realize that everything is indeed not lost.
Friday is the ten year anniversary of Critical Mass. Friday is the 100th PPRC rally. Friday is the kickoff of the obstruction as nuisance festival starting at 4:30 p.m in front of the Portland Business Alliance.
All are worth celebrating. All are worth adding your individual voice because from my perspective we have the great beast on the ropes and scared. People are tired of all the war. People, yes, it's true are tired of protesting the war, but people are tired of fighting the war-over the seas and right here at home.

So come out and be loud and proud.
Things could be worse than when you are living in the progressive capital of the archaic states.
True revolution is in the hearts and minds of the people.

SUV Dinosaurs - Doomed to Extinction 25.Sep.2003 20:36

You can help make it happen - ride your bike today!

Even more than being tired of war, people can't stand for one second to be held up in traffic. Conveniently, they try to blame it on the bicyclists, instead of on the fact that there are just too many cars for our streets to accomodate...

Three million people in the Portland METRO area.

Four million cars in the Portland METRO area.

Streets are for people, not for cars.

SUVS are dinosaurs

Let's help make them extinct!