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The autumn Geonomist is out

News from around the world on taxes, fees, subsidies, rent-shares, and other green rights. On a need to know basis only.
Dear and curious friends; Merry Equinox. This world works in wondrous ways. Did you know ... What Bush's head administrator in Iraq said about a citizens dividend from oil royalty? That Bush and the WTO sometimes oppose each other? Which four Bush Administration rulings effect a tremendous shift of wealth? Bill Gates' company at long last yielded to a reform pushed from Portland? Timber goliath Weyerhauser lost to a Northwest timber David? Summer beach crowds force land rights back into modern consciousness? Open space pushes up land values even as it pushes wildlife away? CNN, the IMF, The New York Times, and Kruschev junior spoke up for aspects of geonomics? Israel exists on communal land and pays a quasi-social salary to families? Successful lobbying by elites makes sustainable development impossible? That while economies grow and contract, debt just keeps on growing? Mongolians don't want to own the land they're given? Check out these stories and more in the autumn issue of *The Geonomist* at http://www.progress.org/geonomy/geonom122.htm Tell a friend, even a list of them.

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