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Critical Mass in Eugene this Friday!

Hey folks... I moved to Eugene recently and haven't seen hide nor hair of CM. What's the deal? There's more cyclists here than I've ever seen, but no Mass?
Bring: silly hats, noise/music makers, absurd/wicked cool bicycles, grandparents, children, good cheer.

Let's meet at the university bookstore on 13th St., 6pm this Friday, and leave 6:15-6:30.

If anyone has a better location suggestion *please* post it so we can agree on one- the U bookstore just seemed like it would be easy to find, but I'm sure traffic is high in the area on a Friday.
Eugene 24.Sep.2003 18:54


Eugene is the best city for riding a bike, in which I have ever lived.

Eugene Cycling Poll 24.Sep.2003 21:26


Fairies have made all the SUVs disappear...Drivers don't speed...Drivers yield the Right of Way to bicyclists whenever necessary....All bicyclists feel safe riding...

Take the poll: Eugene is such a good town to bike in that Critical Mass isn't necessary.

Yes or No?

Critical mass in Eugene 24.Sep.2003 22:48


There was a critical mass to call attention to the Tree-sit at Fall Creek back in the spring. That one recieved a massive overeaction from the Eugene Police. There was dozens of cops and the Eugene Police have always been paranoid about CM since the incident with the ambulance on the Ferry Street bridge.

Three words: JUST DO IT!


YES 24.Sep.2003 23:00


Actually Burr, I wanted to say just that, that Eugene is so good for bicyclists that they see no need for CM. I didn't because I haven't been there in many years, and things may have changed.

But that is my impression.

no fliers? 25.Sep.2003 00:21


I worry that I haven't seen any fliers around town, just a couple things on the net. Plus I think CM is wierd, but hey that's just me. good luck, have fun, be safe

feedback.... feedback is good. 25.Sep.2003 09:42


It's true, I've never seen a better bicycling city. I'm in love with it. I'm looking forward to a pleasant, celebratory, party-style Mass, not an (often) angry confrontational harried PDX-style boondoggle.

If we get a decent turnout, we can plan for next time. Scavenger hunt anyone? ;) (to whoever organized that in P-town, you rock!)

Flyering would be good for next time too, but location is paramount if you get a crowd. It seems like there are a lot of people here besides Indymedia-reading activists who'd like to take part in CM, and it would be great to get them involved through non-electronic means.

CM until cities are safe from cars 25.Sep.2003 13:56


Any city which puts the rights of cars over the rights of bicycles and pedestrians needs to have a critical mass. ... I just about got killed by a SUV riding my bike in eugene today. While eugene my be better than some cities it is still an upwhll battle to give rights to the people that are put in the most danger by cars, the bicyclists and pedestrians. People sould not have to risk their lves every time they leave the house.... Not to discourage anyone from going, but expect heavy police represson in the form of a sting style operation. The eugene pd has a no CM policy. Bring cameras.

WOAH IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 25.Sep.2003 19:10


5:30 17th and CHARNELTON( little park across from cornucopia)...last friday of month.....
hey, critical mas just got organized, guess i shouldve put up more flyers....come by this location instead if you can.if your not there, we will come by the u of o bookstore and pick you up...alright.
FYI there is a eugene bikes not bombs...first thursday of the month, 5:30 at u of o fishbowl