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Bush Wins Landslide 2004 election

Bush Wins Landslide 2004 election-and he does it without cheating again. Further the Europeans
help in the settlement of a new government in Iraq.
Bush Wins Landslide 2004 election

Das formula

Bush compromises, gets UN peace Keepers for both Palestine and Iraq.

Unfortunately the Gloabal Police State(GPS) may continue for a while.
ha ha ha 24.Sep.2003 18:01

ha ha ha

"Bush compromises"

Yeah, that'll be the day, thanks for the laugh though...

Piece with honor 25.Sep.2003 08:13


I didn't know you went by the name "dude", President Cheney.

alternative headline 25.Sep.2003 11:34


How about this for an alternative headline: 2004, Bush Handed Over to the Internation War Crimes Tribunal. GW was handed over to the International War Crimes Tribunal to face charges of direct responsibility in the killing of thousands of Iraqi and Afgan civilians, as well as the deaths of thousands of children who were deprived of health care during his term as governor of Texas. GW is expected to plead innocent by reason of insanity.