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AISC (USA): Stop Using Koreans to Kill Arabs!!!

AISC (USA): Stop Using Koreans to Kill Arabs!!!
AISC (USA): Stop Using Koreans to Kill Arabs!!!

--"Out of Korea!!! Out of Iraq!!! People of the world have right to Fight back!!!"

We are displeased and sickened in our hearts to inform you that the south Korean Comprador Party "Grand National Party" in a gesture aimed at subjugation of their own people to the US Imperialist enemy, has begun the process of further more drastic far reaching Korean troop deployment to subjugate the just anti-US Resistance of the Iraqi Arab People. As the GI Mercenaries in Iraq face mounting attacks and people's war, unable to subjugate the strong will of the United people, It seems that the Imperialists have decided to use their Military and Economic Colonies to do its bidding. It is a Known
fact that two of the greatest, and most far reaching example of opposition to US Imperialist Hegemony have been The Arab and Korean Comrades, respectively. Led by COMRADE KIM JONG IL, the Korean nation has handed the US Imperialism a solid defeat rallying around single hearted unity, and making clear their death-defying spirit in the event of a US versus Korean Nation war. Furthermore, The militarization of the Intifada against The Zionification of the Arab World, alongside principled Armed resistance to the Imperialist wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan, have dealt the Imperialists stinging blows, to the delight and joy of all the world's progressives, including the poorest strata of the Working Class in the United States.
Facing mounting criticism from within the United States, not so much for its aggression against sovereign people, but for concerns of the safety of GI Mercenary Stooges. The US Imperialists appear to be following the strategy of colonial divide and conquer, maintaining its occupation of Iraq via the blood of the world's poorest and most oppressed, turning brother against, in attempts to divert the Korean Re-unification and anti-US struggle into a tool of Subjugation.
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, led by COMRADE KIM JONG IL, defends its socialist way of life, with a strong human-centered military deterrent known as the Songun Politics, or Army-centered policy. As the world is in duress, and hating US Imperialism with their whole selves, wanting justice and fraternity of the world's people, it is understandable that the Songun Politics have become the trend of the times.
Around the World, people are uniting in their respected homelands to defend the DPRK, and to learn Songun Politics have built various organizations to further these noble aims. Within the US, the Songun Politics Study Group (USA), www.geocities.com/songunpoliticsstudygroup , has been formed for these aims. It is a known fact, particularly after the recent convergence of the WTO in Cancun, that the will of the south Korean people is strong. We fully and unconditionally stand will the National Democratic Front of South Korea, our truest of comrades, and all other south Korean progressive aims in their national-liberation struggle, to run US Military occupation to the sea, and to re-unify the homeland along the common principles spelled out in the June 15th accords, free of all outside interference.
Furthermore, we reintegrate to the opportunists in the United States, and other Imperialist countries, that the "support our troops" line is National Chauvinism, and Socio-Imperialistic in nature, as any genuine anti-Imperialists can not objectively support the National Liberation Struggle of Al-Hussein and the Iraqi People, while also defending the very mercenaries bringing misery and death to its people. We reiterate that what ever our differences with the leadership of Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan, all forces objectively opposed to normalization with the enemies, and for the continuation of resistance, deserve our unyielding support. We say we, support "our troops"as they fight for freedom. Our solidarity with the GI canon fodder, is only on the level of supporting them in the event that they resist on some sort of fundamental level. It is not unconditional, and as a mater of Proletarian Internationalism, it is a matter of unwavering principle. In the United States, were Muslims and Arab activists are being unjustly detained for their militant opposition to aggression and Zionist capitulation, the example of Hasan Karim Akbar, will live in to the future as the John Brown and Nat Turner of the times.

We call on the south Korean Comrades, not to murder the Arab Comrades, Knowing that any support given to the Arab struggle to defeat the hated Common enemy, US Imperialism, would be mutually beneficial, for both fraternal peoples. Even in the United States were homelessness and poverty are sky-rocketing, such an example would be deeply revered. Their is nothing to be gained by aiding the Comprador "Grand National Party" which seeks to humiliate Its own Korean People, alongside the Blood of the Arab Masses. This is a treachery, and we call on unconditional support from the International Left for the just Anti-US resistance of the Korean and Arab People respectively, as well as all others who desire freedom.

The US anti-Imperialist movement must destroy and shatter all opportunistic tendencies, as the times we are living in are very serious. The defeat of national chauvinism, and socio-pacifism are needed and deserved. More than mere peace we make no bones, about the fact that the Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee (USA) in keeping with our principles, stands for the military/political defeat of Imperialism and Zionism in Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan. Furthermore we call on the so-called left in the United States, to stop its slander and baseless objectively pro-imperialist slander against COMRADE KIM JONG IL and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. We call on the Left in the United States, to demand a non-aggression treaty with DPRK, and the full removal of GI Mercenaries from Korean Soil. The so-called "nuclear issue" in the region is a very simple one. The international left should stand with the DPRK's right to a strong military deterrent, as a people having lost 4 million souls to US Murder, and having no illusions about its nature. The litmus test between a genuine Revolutionary and an opportunist, within the Imperialist countries, can best be described as were and how one stand's on the National Liberation Struggles, such as those in Korea, Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan. In closing we thank the National Democratic Front of South Korea for bringing this to our attention, and vow to fight the scheme to have Korean Killing Arabs foiled in its tracks.

Stop Using Koreans to Kill Arabs!!!
Death to Imperialism and Zionism!!!
Freedom Fighters are not '"terrorists"
Victory to Iraq!!!
Victory to Palestine!!!
Victory to Afghanistan!!!
Long Live COMRADE KIM JONG IL, and the 70 million strong Korean nation!!!