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a call for witnesses of march 20th sit-in for transgirl meep

calling all folx who witnessed the arrest of meep, a transwomyn arrested at the march 20th sit-in at burnside and second. her courtdate is approaching (october 13th) and she needs as many witnesses as possible to come forward and give their account. all unedited video of her arrest is also needed.
video must be unedited because edited video is not allowed in court. preferably, it would show the police saying that anyone could leave without arrest and later it would show them arresting her as she was leaving.
please call, email or stop by to speak with her lawyer Karen L. Zinn in portland at 503 232 3549 or - klzinn@qwest.net or - 3735 SE clay.
the more witnesses the better so please show your support for oppressed queers!!
much love, comrades!

all kingdoms fall
and this one will too
so heres to the day
when society's through!
i was there 24.Sep.2003 20:29

boonplod monotomi@hotmail.com

thanks for posting this, i rember that, i wish i had audio..... but the police were video-taping the whole thing, that stuff is open to the public right>? at least it should be.

yeah, they said we could leave, some people got up and left, she tried to, the police started hassleing her, i didnt know they actually arrested her, thats bullshit....

i was arrested that night too.. but since im a minor i was released... had to do community service.. .but yeah, ill try and be there...

is there anything else that i could do to help?

tom knowles

Re/March 20th arrests 24.Sep.2003 21:50



Meep's arrest was shown live on either Channel 8 or Channel 12 news. Sorry I don't recall which one in particular, but it was made obvious that the cops said folks could walk away before they made this vindictive and bullshit arrest. I believe even the reporters on the scene said so as well (that the cops said that folks could get up and leave and wouldn't be arrested).
Could be worth looking into.

Hey Meep 25.Sep.2003 21:31


Hey meep, many of your friends at the college were/are wondering what happened to you. Many of us were at 2nd and Burnside. (I personally wasn't but I'll try to get those who were to call your lawyer to act as witnesses.) You should come by again.

I was there. 26.Sep.2003 11:20


I was there and I watched what happined, I would be more than happy to bear witness for Meep in court. call me. My number is 503 289 6390

503 289 6390

Glad to be back in touch! 01.Oct.2003 17:20


Hey Meep and friends,

This is Torrey. I am back in Portland and am happy to help in any way that I can. I have a list of (almost) all the people arrested at this protest and contact information for many of them. I'll call your lawyer this weekend and give her my contact information as well as some more details as to what evidence and witnesses we might have on file. There are some other things I'd like to talk with you about as well. I'll be in touch really soon!

peace and love,