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Join The Village Building Convergence organizing committee!

The 2004 Village Building Convergence is a 10-day event of daytime and evening educational, inspirational, and celebratory activities surrounding the transformation of our neighborhood spaces into vibrant public places. It will take place this Spring/Summer, but planning begins NOW!
This is the time to get involved in organizing and/or joining a committee that will make this exciting project happen! For more info about last year's VBC, check out www.cityrepair.org/vbc.

We'll discuss:
* Event Design
* Volunteer Coordinating
* Donations and Budget
* Health and Well-Being
* Publicity
* Outreach
* Documentation
* Communication
* And More!

We will be looking for people to coordinate:* Intersection Repairs
* Building and Design (incl. Natural/Green Building and Permaculture)
* Trainings (incl. Consensus, Conflict Resolution, Sustainable Living, and Grassroots Organizing)
* Greenfrastructure (incl. gardens, food, medicine and trees)
* Come with your ideas!

Celebrate localization!

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City Repair Project
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Portland, OR

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