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Help wanted! Join the "Conservative" Task Force!

All who wish to challenge the propaganda system of the right are welcome to join. The list is private and it is recommended that you use a disposable e-mail address in order to join in case we are ever infiltrated. The group is called "Conservative Task Force" and here is the URL:

How many conservatives vapidly repeat the party line with out questioning its reasoning? How many quote Bill O'Reilly, Mike Savage, Rush Limbaugh, and other idiots with asking themselves if what they are quoting makes any sense? How many folks have been duped into passively accepting whatever Bush says as though it is gospel? I say, "too many!"

I say that too many people are being fooled. I say that too many are being drawn into a current that is pulling the center more and more right. Too many are being drawn into ignorance and irrationality, substituting the rhetoric of their extremist leaders for what they are seeing with their own eyes. Too many are being lost in the mental numbness of their Fox newscast or bully-cowboy speeches.

We've got to wake them up, friends. We've got to show them what they're going along with, revive them from their mental stupor, and challenge them to think for themselves. We need to encourage them to differ with their group, to take a stand, to set limits, and to think critically about what they are hearing. We need to help them, friends.

Here is what I propose:

Let's organize as an undercover group and infiltrate their blogs, newsites, mailing lists, and other propaganda channels. Let's post comments and articles that will incite them to think about, question, and challenge what they are seeing. Let's present far-right ideas that will go out of the comfort range of many in their ranks and create challenges to their status quo.

Let's combine right-wing rhetoric with intolerably prejudicial remarks and provoke them to defend against our racism, sexism, etc. Let's present clearly illogical arguments with believable conviction and subtly encourage them to point out our errors. Let's confuse and divide them by mixing extremist and centrist views and, thus, cause them to make distinctions between them.

Let's accuse anyone of showing any centrism as being an avid leftist, a "bleeding-heart" liberal, and try to ostracize them from the group. Let's present extremist views on eugenics, religious fundamentalism, "preemptive" strikes, cultural bigotry, etc as mainstream conservatism and promote the connections between these unpopular views with the popular ones. Let's copy the polemic absolutism conservatives present towards liberals and use it within their ranks, dividing them among issues with their intolerance. Let's make the conservative groups an obnoxious farce, exposed for the repulsive entity it truly is.

And, thus, let us draw people away from these groups as disenchanted, wisened individuals.

To do this, I've created a Yahoo group for the organization of our covert operatives (spies). This will serve as a trading post for links, tactics, and cooperative strategies. All who wish to challenge the propaganda system of the right are welcome to join. The list is private and it is recommended that you use a disposable e-mail address in order to join in case we are ever infiltrated. The group is called "Conservative Task Force" and here is the URL:


E-mail me at  conservativetaskforce@yahoo.com to join or click "Join Group" at the URL above. Together, we shall win the battle for the hearts and minds of our brethen.

homepage: homepage: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/conservativetaskforce/

i will try my hardest to make you fail 24.Sep.2003 14:49


I'm a "rigth winger" and I promise that I will expose you every chance I get. I'm on many listserves and I will seek your Conservative Task Force out to ensure that nobody is duped by this ploy. Just keep that in mind.

boo! 24.Sep.2003 15:02


Please, go right ahead. The "Conservative Task Force" will never appear to any of the right-wing sites, only individual members. If you create suspicion of provocateurs and spies it will work to my advantage to divide your groups. Certainly you have some nutballs on your sites already so how out of place would it really appear? You cannot defeat this type of activity.

Worried? 24.Sep.2003 15:03


Your defensiveness is mighty enticing... Yum.. it looks like we are on to something worthwhile.

trade craft 24.Sep.2003 15:08


to the author:
this is a parallel post originally sent to GWB's earlier article. (playing catch-up ;o)

i'd say get it (a worthy project, in the spirit of "by any means") off this site as soon as possible.

yahoo is one possibility. so is riseup.

possibly keep the discussion on whatever list is formed to general tactics and techniques and a general roster of targets. anything with more detail or specific language to post and a specific target for the post should be considered for off-list--to whatever e-affinity group feels comfortable.

maybe let the participants check out the roster of targets and commit to be the troll on one (or more). a participant's actual contribution to a targeted discussion list should be private to the participant, and not be made known to the list. (in this kind of work, participants must forgo trumpeting perceived successes--take any satisfaction to the grave with you ;o)

lessons learned can be reported back to the list, for possible benefit to the other participants, but in a very sterilized context--no mention of the target list(s) the participant is working with and taking precaution to give away no language or subject matter that can be associated with the participant's contributions to the target discussion group list(s). this might be impossible, in some cases, so the participant will just have to eat the information if she can't deliver it without giving anything away that can lead to the identity of the target or the persona(s) that the participant has taken as a contributor to the target list(s).

in any case, a campaign of this sort is only one skirmish on a broad front. there won't be a dramatic upheaval--just another chipping away at the beast. a thankless task, like midnight postering. the opposition is doing the same thing--who has the best imposters?!!

Not a new idea 24.Sep.2003 15:16


There are plenty of groups like this already, like this one started by Austin IMC's Terry Liberty Parker -  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Libertarian/

my thoughts 24.Sep.2003 15:20

Indy Geek

Let people have their websites. Nobody likes it when right wing disruptors come to this site without any honest intent of dialog. Besides, they do not accomplish much except create a bit of busy work and waste a small amount of time of the few people who respond.

If you have a sound argument, then anyone with an open mind can be swayed by intelligent dialog and those with closed minds, you are wasting your time. Doing this just encourages more deception in a time when we need more forthright honesty and courage.

Much better to go spend your time going door to door or arranging neighborhood meetings to talk about the critical issues of our times or some other positive activity like helping people in need.

Sorry, TLP, but... 24.Sep.2003 15:23


I think you missed the goal. Looking at that site I see (unless they're speaking in codewords when talking about hydroponics) an entirely different objective than a cov-ops nest.

re: Indy Geek 24.Sep.2003 15:31


I agree with much of what you're saying, but, I don't think that's what this is about. The goal is not to go their site and spam them with leftist reposts or just say, "BUSH IS AN IDIOT", in every comment. The goal is to be undetectable, a plant working inside to bring down their system. The basic problem is that the "right" is becoming more and more extreme. Centrists need no longer apply, apparently. Most reasonable right-wing people are, in fact, centrists. Provoking the division between the centrists and extremists will actually benefit the reasonable right by bringing them to center and pushing out the extremists. Right now, neo-cons and other wackos are the "right". You see, the goal is to bring honest discussion to them in unexpected ways so that they think critically about the right-wing rhetoric.

security culture? 24.Sep.2003 15:56

another indy geek

I would recommend that people not give their email addresses out for this "cause" to someone that they don't know. Think about it: anyone can post this and set up a yahoo group. You may just be inviting spam, disruption, and other nastiness for yourself. Be careful.

re: security culture? 24.Sep.2003 16:47


Sure -- always be careful your e-mail addy. I would recommend making a disposable (yahoo, etc) e-mail address just for this type of thing. But the group is really just a discussion point -- the action is what matters whether you do it individually or collectively. Even though I wouldn't do anything bad with your e-mail, if we got infiltrated someone else probably would. But, its a moot point when e-mail addys are free.

Well Meant, but IMO Misdirected 25.Sep.2003 13:36


"Let's present extremist views on eugenics, religious fundamentalism, "preemptive" strikes, cultural bigotry, etc as mainstream conservatism and promote the connections between these unpopular views with the popular ones. "

I hate to break this to you, but there is no way you could be more extreme than what's already out there. If the likes of Ann Coulter and Michael Savage don't stick in their craw, nothing you can say is going to, either. Rather than attempt to "educate" people whose brains are made of cement, I'd suggest directing truth-talk to people who consider themselves mainstream or middle of the road, and who think they don't have to be concerned with all that godawful politics. Recent polls suggest that the Emperor's approval ratings are dropping. If these numbers actually mean anything, there is a possibility that the bin is tipping a bit. Help it along.

to Shrew 25.Sep.2003 15:03


Hehehe... I was just thinking about that earlier. I realized, a provocateur would just fit right in. Maybe Mike Savage is a plant. ;)

Rights already doing it 26.Sep.2003 14:23

bright eyes

Actually, it's kind of amazing what groups are out there. Here's a whiff of the dank underbelly of conservative yahoo groups.

I can't decide which I like more ..

Like Limericks? Don't like the Liberal Left? Well, then you'll love our cutting conservative limericks!
We supply you with an original Limerick three times a week, each Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.


Are you living in the U.S. and related to/married to/living around angry right-wing conservative(s)? Are you fed up with their nonsensical babble and circular logic? Do you get shouted down or in major trouble if you try to discuss your point of view with them? This list is being formed to give right-wing-widows like you a place to vent in peace.

most of the rest are just typical/what you'd expect.
This group is being created so that conservatives can join together to create an "encyclopedia of the left." The first principle in war is to "know thy enemy." That task is enormous when one considers the magnitude and depth of the left's behind the scenes penetration into every major sector of life in every country on earth. Any CONSERVATIVE can join this group IF you are willing to contribute. You can offer new topics for the encyclopedia, or write articles (small or large) about any topic in the encyclopedia. It will eventually be published in ebook and paper formats as well. Please join and help with this task!

"To fight only the al-Qaida enemy is to miss the terrorist network operating within our own borders. Who are these traitors? Every rotten, radical left-winger in this country, that's who." Savage uses bold, biting and hilarious straight talk to take aim at the sacred cows of our ever-eroding culture and wages war against the "group of psychopaths" known as PETA, the ACLU and the liberal media.

The "Conservative Minds" group is a place where ideas can be shared about fending off the irresponsibilities of liberalism.

Only those who are Conservative or Moderate Conservative are Permitted to join.Im sure this will primarily be Republican although Conservative Democrats,Conservative Libertarians,Conservative Independents and other Conservatives who Oppose Socialism and Oppose Liberalism will be permitted to join.

Think George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael ("Savage") Weiner and their ilk are "Conservatives"? Think the "Traditional Values" pushed on us really ARE "Traditional?" Well, my friend, think again! The purpose of this group is to present the TRUTH of the Conservative Movement in the United States and to expose the lies of the pseudo-conservatives and neo-conservatives who have usurped the name and symbolism of our Conservative Fathers...

This is a forum for conservative Republicans to discuss issues. Dissent and controversy is allowed, even encouraged, but people must treat each other with dignity and respect. Liberals need not apply, and will be deleted.

A place for conservative cartoonists to hang out and discuss the craft, our ideas, or anything else we feel like discussing, without being bashed for our conservative slant.

This list is for us conservative homeschoolers that support our Constitution and frown on the liberal direction America has been taking. If you think more laws means less freedom and that the government shouldn't interfere with parenting then you have found the right list.

Information on pro constitutionist, rkba, conservative; anti Communist/Clinton/Liberal/HCI interests

The Conservative Coalition is a brotherhood united in stopping the spread of liberal corruption. We believe that conservative values and ideas bind our nation together. Join us and help educate the uninformed masses of this country.

We are standing out against Left Wing Jew Liberal Crap!!!!

Restore America to the decent, law biding, patriotic citizens. This group is to fight the liberal and left wing propeganda and lies that have infiltrated our once great nation. Fight injustice against the right wing and speak the truth to all True Amricans, that we must stop the infiltration of liberals, communists, athiests, and the imoral. America is for the proud, the strong, and the deserving. Our freedom was bought with blood, dont let the left wing take your precious freedom away.

This is to find out if there is any people left in Oregon, who havent been indoctrinated into the socialist liberal agenda of our once great state.If you grew up here,and still care about our country you know I mean.

The atmosphere of most colleges is that of a far left, liberal, some would argue marxist ideology. Conservatives and Libertarians are shunned and attacked. This is a safe haven for those who are tired of the crap they get from leftist teachers and students.