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Hummers as Taxis in Portland

Local executive taxi service uses Hummer
Pacific Towncar aka Pacific Executive Services has at least one Hummer that it uses it in its fleet. I called them to ask what this was about. I was told to get a life. Well, since I have one, thank you very much, I informed that I would let as many activists as I could know about this. Wasteful? Disgusting? You decide.... Their website: http://seattle.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?site=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.towncar.com%2F Portland Phone # 503.234.2400
Gross! 24.Sep.2003 14:25

thank you bambi

"Luxury ten-passenger stretch Excursion SUV perfect for weddings, proms and other special occasions."

Yup 24.Sep.2003 14:39


I saw one of their Hummer taxis parked on the street one block south of Laurelhurst Tavern (30th? and Glisan).last night

I'd never own one myself 24.Sep.2003 14:40


But as long as there is a market for it, they'll rent it out.

Personally, I can't stand SUV's, I'd rather save my money for more important things than an obvious status symbol.

Give me a T-Bird any day of the week! Now that's a machine.

hummers: for the viceroy in you. 24.Sep.2003 15:21

this thing here

american dignitaries and viceroys in the colonial territories of afghanistan and iraq use specialized stretch hummers emblazoned with the imperial seal to get around in. they are very dignified inside, with lots of space, leather, cd players and special fans and wine coolers. there's even separate compartments for servants and staff. everything "our men" need to help them tame and convert the savage people in these territories into civilized christian citizens.

MORE HUMMERS 24.Sep.2003 15:59

Common Sense

I can't understand the Hummer backlash. More Hummers will more rapidly deplete oil reserves forcing us to develop energy alternatives (hopefully cleaner). Does noone else see this? Short term pollution might be a problem, but threre's never a perfect solution to any problem.

Common Sense? 24.Sep.2003 17:18

Uncommon sense

Wow that's a pretty naively fatalistic analysis. We have hybrid power cars now and you dont see Detroit, Bush and his cronies promoting them. Hydrogen power cars are questionable and to produce it will be dirtier than burning gas. In fact Detroit has been promising cleaner cars for the past 40 years to appease the environmentalists. yet the average SUV gets less gas mileage than a MODEL T FORD from 100 YEARS AGO! As long as gas remains cheap the US will keep turning out the gas guzzlers. And we will keep occupying the Middle East which is why the terrorists hate us so. And we will keep trying to drill for more oil off our coasts and Alaska. We should burn as few fossil fuels as possible as slowly as possible to slow global warming. Common sense -you better do your homework! You got a lot to learn. There are other uses for oil besides gasoline. Ever heard of plastics? study this and a couple dozen other sites ----> http://www.ihateyoursuv.com/links.html

Why not get rid of it all as soon as possible. 24.Sep.2003 17:48

Common Sense

1) Why perpetuate the problem.
2) You think plastics are a good thing?
3) Petroleoum based products are some of the most harmful and toxic on the planet.

If you've got rotting potatoes smelling up your pantry, you don't get rid of them one by one. You compost the whole thing all at once. What's wrong with hyperaccelerating the use of oil until its all gone? Then we've got no more oil problem. Same goes for coal: burn it all now. Why slowly choke the earth with decades of pollution when we can get rid of it all in a few years time.

Uncommon Sense 24.Sep.2003 18:00


A valid point. But until Detroit can make an alternative fuel vehicle with the styling and speed that people want, they'll never sell well.

I'm all for alternative fuel vehicles, but until they come down in price or get flashy, I'll stick with my Escort. It's no T-Bird but it beats an SUV any day of the week (i'm not filling it up 3 times a week).

Now show me that Detroit could make an alternative fuel vehicle that can keep sustained speeds of 70+ MPH, looks good and has a sticker price under 25K, I'd be the first one in line for one!

HAHAHAHAHA 24.Sep.2003 18:03

Uncommon Sense

Yeah right lets burn it all at once and really trip the atmospheric balance. HAHAHAHA .Do you realize how totally naive and ignorant you sound? I dont have the time to edumacate you. Now go do your homework !

PoohN Tiger 24.Sep.2003 18:42

Uncommon Sense

Take a look at the hybrid Prius-I think it has more than enough power for your needs. It has 2 engines in it. One small gas engine and an electric engine which recharges every time you brake. They work together for good power and acceleration.  http://www.toyota.com/html/shop/vehicles/prius/

Where's the Hummer? 24.Sep.2003 20:34

North Portlander

I visited the link to the limousine service and couldn't find a stretch Hummer or a Hummer of any kind advertised (although if some of you actually saw it, they may not be advertising it online). I did see the bloated Stretch Excursion and the flowing prose re. the "Luxury 7-passenger Denali SUV" perfect for taking the family up to Mt. Hood for a day of skiing (at what cost I can only imagine). Who's renting these things?

Photo of the "Silver Stretch Hummer Limousine" 24.Sep.2003 20:45

North Portlander

There are photos of the 14-passenger and 10-passenger stretch Hummer limos at this site:


Prepare airline sickness bag before browsing over to this one.
Silver Stretch Hummer Limousine
Silver Stretch Hummer Limousine

What I don't understand....... 24.Sep.2003 21:36


Is why there aren't bicycle ( trike ) taxis downtown. I would love to be a bike taxi driver. I've seen them in other cities, and they are the fastest way to get around a downtown on a crowded Friday or Saturday night. Much faster than profilin' in your lowered Acura or Hummer on dubs.

Bike taxi 24.Sep.2003 22:12


It cant be too expensive to get going. Go for it!  http://www.austinbiketaxi.com/index.shtml

Bike Taxi 24.Sep.2003 23:03


Good for tourists... less expensive than the horse carriage.

Their site seems to be down 25.Sep.2003 07:29

Bambi del Norte bambi9247@yahoo.com

Since I got this message out to lots of folks through our beloved Indymedia and other places, their site seems to be down. Wow, NorthPortlander.....you're right about that site..... Starting a thread about this on Guerrilla News Network It's amazing what a little armchair activism can do!!!!

People's Repulic of Portland

Tip the Atmospheric Balance?? 25.Sep.2003 09:44

Common Sense

Does anyone understand that this planet goes through cataclysmic climate and atmospheric changes on its progression toward being disintegrated when the sun supernovas? So we burn all the oil, do you realize the surface of this planet was once molten rock? Do you realize that astral bodies may have wiped out up to 95% of all marine and terrestrial species during the last mass extinction (as in the previous, not "the last"). All that and it F'n came back. You don't think this world can take a few years of buring all the oil and coal in the world. How arrogant to think that we can so ruin this planet that it can't recover. We do not have that power even it we tried. Think of what no oil and coal means. No more autos, no more agri-business, smaller, self sufficient communities, no more world trade.

Drive the most gas guzzling car you can find and burn it all. THe world will be better off.

Fucking Limbaugh nonsense 25.Sep.2003 10:14


> How arrogant to think that we can so ruin this planet that it can't recover.

This is, word for word, Limbaugh's position.

...which makes it wrong by association.

My question for you, Mr. Sensy-Pants, is WHAT THE FUCK DO WE DO WHEN WE'VE POLLUTED THE PLANET TO SUCH AN EXTENT WE CAN'T GROW FOOD? It isn't going to kill EVERYONE, but just how much human-attirbutable killing is OK with you? In the name of 'common sense', can you explain it to those of us not able to listen to three daily hours of instructions via AM Radio?

I'm from the East, where human burning of 'all the coal and oil' ravaged entire forests by causing acid rain so powerful as to not only sicken all plant life but to render entire lakes sterile...utterly devoid of life. Don't think we've got the power to kill? Motherfucker it's already happened. Forests grow back. Lakes can be stocked again. You know what's necessary for this to happen? A cessation of the human-attibutable acid rain. Simple!

The world's population is growing at a rate most people scarcely comprehend. Nightmare scenarios are already commonplace. Oil isn't the problem, and never has been. Coal isn't the problem, and never has been. Humans, and thoughtless, selfish human behavior, are the problem. Your suggestion is cute, and maybe even delivered with good intentions, but I can't let greedy selfish assholes deny me my right to self-sustain by turning this lush, green place into a desert wasteland incapable of supporting vegetative life by virtue either of global warming or the destruction of the atmosphere.

There is no option. There is no time left. We've got to work today or our tomorrows are fucked, collectively.

Common Sense 25.Sep.2003 10:16

Uncommon Sense

How bout we legalize cannibalism again too so we can reduce the world population? Gosh, all sorts of interesting possibilities!

Bike Taxi 25.Sep.2003 10:21

Heather heatherbissel@hotmail.com

I think it's a great idea to have bike taxis downtown. Anyone who is serious about a worker owned bike taxi business - contact me and we'll put it together.

Hear, Hear, Common Sense!!! 25.Sep.2003 10:27


...and while you're at it, be sure to support increased spending for the military and the War on Terror while defunding social spending! The sooner that humanity is bombed and starved to extinction, the sooner we'll have an end to terrorism and social injustice!

In my opinion 25.Sep.2003 10:54

it's overpopulation

that drives every environmental problem that we have. Too many people burning too much oil, consuming too much food, cutting down too many trees, fighting over too little land. What we really need is a good plague or a wordwide flu epidemic like in 1918. I thought SARS might be it, but it petered out.

Arroagance 25.Sep.2003 12:00

Common Sense

First, I have never heard rush limbaugh except I have seen him recently on sportschannel espn. He's insignificant, as are you and as am I.

Second, my point is this. Oil runs the modern industrial complex. You eliminate the oil and that complex's footing disappears, paving (purposefully ironic) the way for more sustainable practices. I've heard oil reserve estimates based on current consumption at anywhere from 10 years (usually from conservationist side of the spectrum) to a few hundred years (usually from pro-oil side of the spectrum), however, with the continued development of southern nations, consumption will increase so those estimates shoudl be reduced a little. Is long, drawn out pollution better than what amounts to an instantaneous shock to the system? Whine all you want, cause the fact is that oil and coal will be used and fought over until its all gone. Better to rid the world of it all in one shot. Burn it all till there ain't none left!

Loki, I once knew a ferrett named Loki, trickster god of the north.

But...but...always a but... 25.Sep.2003 12:28


> Better to rid the world of it all in one shot.

Would you say the same of nuclear weapons? Of course not. There is another option to using it all up: stopping its use. One one of the two preserves the Earth from a cataclysm. Your guess which one.

Common Sense 25.Sep.2003 13:08

Uncommon sense

You got to be kidding. Yes burning it all at once would so terribly upset the atmospheric balance with carbon dioxide and CO that you could kiss your ass good bye. Your formula for back- to -nature utopia is more like a formula for global disaster. Sometimes arguing with fatalist anarchists is worse than fatalist fundamentalsits. The anarchists promise us naive impossible utopias that would become little more than tribal warfare and the fundamentalists promise us heaven after the apocalypse. You cant argue rationally with irrational people.

Anarchist Promises 25.Sep.2003 14:18

an anarchist

as an anarchist, I promise you nothing other than that I will work toward dismantling hierarchical power structures.

I certainly do not promise any sort of utopia, naive and impossible or otherwise.

Logical start 25.Sep.2003 15:39


A logical start for dismantling the system would be General Motors - the biggest corporation in the US-and the maker of the Hummer with about 10 other big pollution belching SUVs

Hummers as Taxis in Portland 18.Mar.2004 02:15

Suv's rock

Well I see Oregon hasn't caught the SUV limo craze.
In chicago These truck go like hot cakes.
To all those people knocking The Stretch Suv.
You Don't have a clue about these trucks.
1ST imagine a bachleor party. All your friends gonna meet you @ The bar?
How about your Best man When he throws the Stripper Party?
All these people Will have to commute (right)? Most will have had a couple of drinks? (right). So put it all together (lets say 10 People for the party)
Thats 10 diffrent cars polluting.
Thats 10 Diffrent cars avoiding DUI's
How about wedding,proms,nights out? Any group function needs transportation?
1 H2 Hummer can carry 24 drunks off the road.
1 H2 Hummer can Eliminate many cars.