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Proposal for International Food Not Bombs gathering

call to action for FNB during RNC 2004


In late August 2004, the Republican National Convention will gather New York City to re-nominate George W. Bush to presidential office. In response, thousands of people will mobilize to oppose the egregious policies, principles and politics of the Republican Party.

Richmond, Virginia Food Not Bombs proposes that the FNB movement seize this moment to organize an international gathering to coincide with the convention. We hope to bring together FNB chapters from all around the world to New York for discussion, food sharing and direct action. We would like to see the formation and goals of this conference decided democratically to include input and ideas from everyone interested. This undertaking requires assistance from as many people as possible, please join together. Contact us at: fnbgathering@riseup.net, PO Box 5688 Richmond, VA 23220, Jen and Shawn at 804.643.0196.

In solidarity, RVA FNB

homepage: homepage: http://www.foodnotbombsrva.org