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Motherf***ers . . . Diebold is going after sites that merely LINK to copies of their software and memos on other servers! Is it obvious that Diebold has something to hide?
Due to a dispute with Diebold, Incorporated, and its wholly owned subsidiary Diebold Election Systems, Inc. (collectively "Diebold"), which is claiming links to certain materials that do not reside on the blackboxvoting.org website constitute  copyright infringement, blackboxvoting.org has been temporarily disabled.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause visitors and journalists to the blackboxvoting.org site and hope to have this matter resolved shortly.

In the interim, send questions or information requests to  webmaster@gatorgraphics.net.


the bastards are squirming. 24.Sep.2003 09:11

this thing here

as well the should be.

they are in a dead end situation as it is. there is an election every two years. the more monkey business and funny results, the more they will come under scruntiny. if they don't like black box voting, just wait...

looks like it's up and running to me 24.Sep.2003 09:12


it was shut down. 24.Sep.2003 09:43

this thing here

www.blackboxvoting.ORG that is. the address you posted is now www.blackboxvoting.COM.

we'll have to see how quickly diebold responds to this smart move.

One nation, locked up by one big security company 24.Sep.2003 12:24


It's also interesting to note that on Diebold's own website they've posted an article about their CEO and embarassing comments he made about pledging his support to Bush.
I think it's creepily ironic that a company that makes security systems, surveillance equipment and software is offering to deliver the office of presidency to him.

taken from another IMC... 24.Sep.2003 12:54

this thing here

"Those who cast votes decide nothing, those who count votes decide everything." - Joseph Stalin

manipulate input set (don't get caught), and therefore change output results, and... vioala! easy as pie.

18181 ahaha

and the election fraud club would like to welcome a new member: america.

linking to? 24.Sep.2003 14:13

ndw intlndw**NOSPAM**@gofairtrade.net

I'd like to know what alleged diebold content BlackBoxVoting linked to, which Diebold is refering to in their injunction or suit. Also I'd like to know if that material is in fact Diebold property or merely a reference to information about Diebold, a legal difference if I'm not mistaken.

Diebold voting machines 18.Nov.2003 11:56

Joan Luca joanlg@comcast.net

Every person who is part of this great country, who has lived and been part of our democracy over the last 20-30 years, has seen incredible changes, but never in my life have I seen such disregard for the people's voice. Our country is in great danger right now. We must secure our rights as citizens. Greed now supercedes the people's voice. The Diebold machines are part of that Greed and we must demand that our voices are heard so that America continues to be a nation of freedom. Voting is our voice; Diebold machines without safeguards (paper trail) will silence that voice. Let's take back our country!

Duh Duh 22.Nov.2004 14:52

Double Duh wspada@stephouse.net

For four years the current administration had a chance to change the election process so it would be fair. But then why would they when they preferred to cheat again. Duh. Diebold, being in this administration' s pocket, sure isn't going to be fair. Duh. They refer to glitches - huh? Computers are programmed by human beings. Let's see, Republican Administration plus Republican company plus Republican programmers.....Double Duh. But they gave the credit of all those votes to the Christian Right to divert attention away from Diebold machines and other electronic theives. Now we don't hear much about election news anywhere...small notices in my local paper pooh poohing any fraud. Certainly nothing amiss according to CNN- they don't even mention this possible fraud. But then WOODPECKER, IRON BRITCHES and PAULA YAWN are thrilled Bush, once again, stole the election. After all, this bunch of news skewers did their best to abase SEN KERRY and HOWARD DEAN. The most trusted names in news...I don't think so. (Maybe LOU DOBBS is trustable) It certainly was no help having CANDY GROWLY hoovering around the KERRY camp casting her dour shadow upon them. We don't need to spend the next four years hoping the current administation will repair any machines for 2006 or 2008....why should they. We need to expel this administration now before they completely ruin our country.