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Bush interview earned lowest rating

Bush talks Iraq and no one listens
Bush interview earned lowest rating -

" Data from Nielsen Media Research released Tuesday showed that a one-hour interview with President Bush on Fox came dead last in the hour among the six major broadcast television networks in both total viewers and audiences aged 18 to 49 ... "I suppose we shouldn't be surprised," Thompson said. "We've known when people are turning on prime-time for entertainment, they're often looking for something that is an anesthetic, not something that fulfills their civic duty as a voter in the republic." (Now there's an inspiring picture...but I guess its better than having the whole public killing the pain with heroin...)

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wish i had seen it, but... 24.Sep.2003 08:45

this thing here

... i am not foolish enough to even expect a good interview of bush on fox news, of all places. for any competent journalist with some guts and a sense of the purpose of journalism, a freaking HOUR with a president would be a most tremendous opportunity to get some answers. but not when it's a corporate media outlet, and the one most closely aligned with the bush admin. and the republican party, as fox news is. chit chat, cringe making soft balls, pampering, buttering up, for an hour, will make anyone change the channel.

What do you expect? 24.Sep.2003 12:37


Of course they're not going to let him off his leash in front of an unfriendly media source. Never have, never will. They even threw longtime DC press fixture Sarah McLendon out of the press pool ,after 50 years of covering presidential press conferences, because she had a reputation for asking akward, unanswerable and, relevent questions. Reagan and Bush I used to succesfully play off her probing as if she was your curmudgeonly Auntie. But the Shrub's handlers realize he doesn't have the coping or social skills to go toe-to-toe with ANY adult human, let alone a REAL journalist like her. So we get subjected to a handpicked few commiting analingus on the highest office in the land, all on national TV.
Lucky us.

transcript 26.Sep.2003 10:19


does anyone know of where i can get a transcript of this conversation? if so..please email  me...krissyleenyc@yahoo.com. thanks!