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Venezeula Has "Overwhelming Evidence" That The Cia Is Attempting To Assasinate Hugo Chavez

Just days before he was to give a speech at the U.N. President Chavez abruptly cancelled his trip to the U.S. Venezuelan Military Intelligence says it has "overwhelming evidence" of a CIA backed plan to bring down the Chavez airplane enroute.
This is one of a series of U.S. backed efforts to remove Chavez from power (and now kill him outright). There was last years coup attempt, backed by Washington, the CIA and the U.S. corporate media. On April 12th 2001, Venezuelan President Chavez was kidnapped and Dictator Pedro Carmona claimed power. The U.S., supposed defender of democracy, was the only Western Hemisphere nation to support the dictatorial overthrow of a popular and democratically elected leader. Enormous public outcry foiled the coup attempt and Chavez was reinstated.

In December, Washington supported a "national strike". The so called general strike, which was really a lockout led by wealthy corporate executives, was designed to break the popular support for Chavez by the shutdown of Venezuela's oil industry. It was highlighted by sleazy tactics, lies and sabotage. It too failed though it did cause serious harm to the economy.

Washington tried to impose new presidential elections through the Organisation of American States (OAS) This turned into an embarrassing blunder, however, when the proposal became the first major US initiative to be rejected by the OAS as they voted 32-0 to support the democratically elected government of Chavez.

This july, Washington cut off credit to Venezuela from the U.S. Export-Import Bank. According to foreign diplomats in Washington, the head of the bank privately admitted that this was done for political reasons. Now Chavez has had to cancel a trip to the U.S. because of intelligence information that the CIA might bring down his plane.

Why is the U.S. so determined to overthrow Chavez?

Chavez has twice been democratically elected by landslide vote. The first time in 1998, and the second time in 2000, along with a revolutionary new Constitution which gives historic rights to women, and indigenous peoples.

This August, Chavez handed over land deeds to campesino representatives from across Venezuela. Through the initial phase of a revolutionary Agrarian Reform process, more than a million hectares (2.5 million acres) were transferred to campesinos, benefiting more than 40,000 families. The government handed over 31,437 land deeds, 121 farm machines and 30 billion bol?vars (US$20 million). The second phase of the plan will be to distribute two million hectares by the end of this year.

Quoting Chavez "In Venezuela, we are developing a model of struggle against neoliberalism and imperialism. For this reason, we find we have millions of friends in this world, although we also have many enemies." The Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela and Latin America may well be the strongest democratically based opposition to the neoliberal agenda happening in the world today.

[ Informative Chavez interview from Jan 2003 | Indigenous Rights Attorney Joe Castillo Assassinated in Venezuela | The Venezuela Papers | Farmers and Indigenous United - Historic Gathering Set for October 12 in Venezuela | Women protest moves to topple Ch?vez | Declaration To Support Land Reform And Farmers' Movement In Venezuela ]

Dum de dum 23.Sep.2003 15:11

Dum de dum

Speech by Ambassador Roger F. Noriega
U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Washington, D.C., September 8, 2003


Quoted (with comments in brackets): "We also continue to work with our neighbors to help Venezuelans find a constitutional, democratic, peaceful, and electoral solution to their crisis [Crisis? You mean the one you are creating]. The referendum is a very important tool, and Venezuelans have the task of making it work [Venezuelans can do what they want, and you assigning tasks to them illustrates your imperial arrogance]. The United States refuses to meddle [ BIG FAT LIAR] in Venezuela's internal affairs, but we are not disinterested spectators [threat]. Any actions that undermine democratic order or that threaten the security and well being of the region are of legitimate concern to all of Venezuela's neighbors [trying to make it sound like all the neighbors share your concerns when mostly they are concerned about the U.S. meddling]."

why not 23.Sep.2003 15:11


the cia already murdered wellstone

Meddling in Latin America... 23.Sep.2003 15:46


Everything I've read or seen about Venezuela lately (and everyone should see the documentary "The Revolution will not be Televised-- it's an incredible in-depth account of the coup attempt.) is like deja vu of the CIA-backed coup in Chile-- seems the CIA has't changed it's recipe for assassination and overthrow much-- incite economic chaos to destabilize the administration and the country, and use wealthy allies in business and the military to do the dirty work-- in Chile this resulted in a coup on Sept. 11, 1973, which led to almost twenty years of terror, repression, and disappearances, all because the US felt threatened by the democratically elected socialist President Salvador Allende. Now we are cashing in on Chile as the US imports tons of grapes, fruits and berries, and just recently signed a free trade deal with Chile so we can export even more to Chile. Likewise in Venezuela, the US is clearly using the same tactics to the same ends, except this time it's for Venezuelan petroleum and to make sure that the hemispheric plans of domination in the form of the FTAA go unchallenged.

Venezuela 24.Sep.2003 09:16


Links to past stories about Venezuela


evidence? 24.Sep.2003 09:39


overwhelming evidence? where is it? who is making this claim? as of now, the claim is extremely vague and unsubstantiated. it is pretty clear the us was at least complicit in the coup attempt, but let's not believe anything we hear just because it fits well into our scheme of things... sure it makes sense from what we know of the CIA and us "foreign policy," but i am not seeing enough here to suggest his intelligence people have uncovered anything...



I wonder when his writers, marketing specialists and so called "intelligence" are going to change the tune of the jingle; the concept of the advertising campaign.

This is nothing more than just another attempt of Chavez's revolution to gain more adepts not only inside Venezuela but also among all those countries that for one reason or another dislike the U.S.'s approach on foreign policy.

I don't agree right now with America's foreign policy; but as a venezuelan I am very well aware of the tricks Chavez's and his followers have been using to accomplish the goals of the revolution and their personal goals (not neccesarily in that order). Such tricks or tools are nothing more than lies, deception, theatrical stages, marketing and advertising. The revolution is a product that needs to gain customers and more shelve space... and the best way to do that is to make it look as a victim of other more powerful brands.

The story of the CIA trying to kill Chavez is more lies to the pile... to Hugo Chavez I have to say: from your "intelligence sources" I don't believe anything; from your fake revolution I don't believe anything either.

Chavez is for real 24.Sep.2003 10:46


Dont believe this "Alejandro" person. He is a fake.

There is a reason that Chavez has such amazing aupport from the poor. The people of Venezuela speak loudly and it is their passion and dedication that stopped the CIA backed coup from April 2001

Comment 24.Sep.2003 10:58


Alejandro and the author of this peice share one thing in common: they both use words that make one believe that they don't really understand what they're talking about. A, however, asked the right question- show us the evidence, then we'll believe you. I completely argee with that. If you want to show the world that the US is determined to kill Chavez, then the world needs the evidence.

Even though even most intelligent people can understand that Chavez and his party probably aren't as dedicated to a "revolution" and toppling neoliberal captialism as they like to let on, by doing so they are creating an atmostshere where truely dedicated anti-capitalists can work in. And we need free space more than anything. Governments will not EVER instigate a true revolution -it's always the people. However, in this case, I don't see the government of Venezuela as the enemy of the Venezuelan people, but rather the US meddlers, their corporations, and the capitalism system itself. Chavez can work for reform, but the Venezuelan people must work for revolution.

make a change? bring the proof! 24.Sep.2003 13:38


Great, we've got growing public <<in this case national>> opinion against americas economic and political practises... and supposedly the venezuelan government have the evidence to support some of this.... so make it public!!! the world needs to know whats going on and here's the chance... it'll be hard to do it through mainstream media thats for sure... thank god for imc thats wat i say!! lets hear it...

Reply to Shayne 24.Sep.2003 17:13

Indy Reader

While the Venezuelan Government has yet to offer evidence of the assassination attempt, all the other examples of U.S. intervention in Venezuela, including supporting the April 2001 coup are well documented.

And your assertion that the author and Alejandro both dont know what they are talking about is idiotic. The author is reporting news and whether Venezuela has provided proof of a CIA plot, it is news in and of itself the fact that they make the accusation. Alejandro on the otherhand is providing nothing but disinformation.

There is a long history of well documented CIA assassinations, overthrows of governments and so on. There is also plenty of documented info provided in the links in the story which demonstrates that the U.S. wants Chavez out, dead or alive. The claim, while not verified, is certainly plausible and well within CIA practice.

Open Letter in Solidarity to Venezuelan Goverment 24.Sep.2003 17:16


The Coalition to Welcome President Hugo Chavez

<p>We, the undersigned, condemn the US actions that prevented Venezuelan President Chavez from coming to the US to speak at the United Nations

<p>While heads of states and the people of the world have been able to hear President Bush address at the United Nations this week, they will not hear from the democratically elected Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. His trip has been cancelled due to 'security concerns'. Not only is the US not offering protection, but has organized violence against him and the Venezuelan people. It is totally unacceptable that a head of state would have to risk his life to meet with other heads of state at the UN in New York.

<p>Background: Venezuela is the world's 5th largest oil supplier, yet 80% of its population lives in poverty. President Chavez was elected in a landslide in 1998, initiating a "peaceful and democratic process" aimed at making fundamental change, such as using the country's oil revenue to end poverty & corruption, and tackling racism, sexism, & other forms of discrimination. In April 2002 the US backed a coup which kidnapped Pres. Chavez and overthrew the new democratically constructed constitution. But within three days, millions of people from the poorest areas took to the streets and, with the help of loyal soldiers, won both back. The wealthy white racist coup leaders now reside in Florida.

<p>read the rest in the:
<br><a href=" http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/09/272371.shtml">Indymedia story</a>

heh. 24.Sep.2003 17:16


i don't know, i mean this guy kills his own people and is most likely just as corrupt aND fraudulent as the US gov't. im not syaing the CIA tyring to kill him is excused because of this, jsut thta maybe Indymedia shouldnt try to make him look like such a damn saint.

FTAA 24.Sep.2003 17:21


Veezuela is making a change irrespective of any charges against the CIA. The reason they want to kill him is because Venezuela is an inspiration to the entire Latin America. The U.S. is very concerned because people all over Central and South America are uniting and making their voices heard. Miami in Nov is going to be a critical point.

Another post mentioned that there is expected to be a 30,000 person labor march there. Hold onto your hats folks!

Open the eyes 24.Sep.2003 17:32

Latin Lover

Hey Vicky,

You should do a little more in depth reading, and stop reading corporate media. The only place you will find talk of Chavez killing his own people is in the corporate media, and if you look deeper, you will find that these stories are fake and that time has revealed them as lies. The Venezuelan corporate media has told absurd and blatant lies over and over again. It's hellbent on getting Chavez out and it's so telling that the U.S. corporate media has parroted these lies.

Hell, the U.S. ambassador still refuses to admit there even was a coup in April 2001!

No, the killing in Venezuela is by the opposition in order to create strife and overthrow Chavez or create the excuse for U.S. military intervention there.

Alejandro: Misinformed or Liar? 25.Sep.2003 10:23


> when will that happen??

"On August 31 [2003], President Hugo Chavez handed over land deeds to campesino representatives from the states of Barinas, Carabobo, Cojedes, Lara, Portuguesa, and Yaracuy at the Cuara Farm School in Jimnez de Quibor, Lara. The farmers were also given plows and tractors, as well as new credits for farming. The small farmers, who have spent years fighting for land ownership, celebrated the revolutionary conquest. A huge number of Venezuelan children, women and men, carrying flags, placards, and copies of the Venezuelan constitution, converged at this historic event. Later, Chavez broadcast his famous "Al Presidente" television and radio show from the festivities."

Apparently it started happening last month. Where were you, Alejandro? Gazing longingly at a cum-stained portrait of Perez? Can't you hear the drums with your head up your ass?

Your answer 25.Sep.2003 11:51


> when is the revolution going to start sharing with venezuelans the wealth of the nation

august 31 [2003]

Perception and truth 29.Sep.2003 14:40

jefe@epicentermagazine.org jefe@epicentermagazine.org

The story says, "Cuba's Fidel Castro claims the threat may have come from U.S.-supported anti-Castro exiles living in Miami, working in conjunction with the U.S. supported Venezuelan coup plotters of April 2002." However, if you click on the footnote linked to the word "claims" you get an article quoting Castro in 1999. The author of this piece needs to clarify the claims of Castro. Is the author saying that Castro said in 1999 that the would-be assassins were coup plotters of the April coup attempt in 2002? I count myself as a supporter of the idea of self determination for the vassal states withing the American empire. I love the information provided by indymedia. Please be careful. The credibility of many other authors is also lost when someone is careless or attempting the spice up a story with quotes. Indymedia cannot be allowed to become another shame rag with no credibility like the "New York Times." I hope the author was simply careless and will apologize for it. My own sense of paranoia leaves me suspicious of other motives. Perhaps the author is trying to link Chavez with Castro. Whatever the cause of the error I hope that the author will be expelled from the collective, shunned, or at least be forced to have pieces submitted reviewed by an editors.

identity of airplane used by coup plotters 01.Oct.2003 07:06

sean cunningham dhc.cunningham@rogers.com

The identity of the airplane sent to take the imprisoned President Chavez to parts unknown must be known
by the coup plotters and by government officials. It's flight plan (or lack of flight plan) must also be of interest.
What is the plane's registry?