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imperialism & war

Friends of the Iraqi Folk

87 Billion Dollar for Iraq, a great act
87 Billion Dollar for Iraq, a great act of the great do-gooder Nation
87 Billion Dollar to make the living in Iraq bearable?

by no means

66 Billion Dollar of US taxes Bush need only to hold repression with US military forces and US secret services

to stabize a new dictatorship. Paul Bremer recognize this as a adequate effort of reconstruction. The carryover

goes to Root & Brown, Bechtel & other Bush backer

Meanwhile on request of the US master race governor Bremer the US-installed Puppet Governing Council has closed

the offices of Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya, the most popular broadcast stations in Iraq and the Arab World.

The vision of US democracy comes closer

The Pest has a Name

homepage: homepage: http://www.strike-free.net

Crawl Back Under The Rock 23.Sep.2003 15:28


Everything you post is flagrant bull shit. What are you 10 years old. Crawl back under the rock

I wonder 23.Sep.2003 15:59

Who the F Cares

If his comments on his site would be of interesting reading to the Secret Service?

Also, Pretty lame ripoff of the Matrix.

you seem to be raving but 23.Sep.2003 20:53


I actually like your site. I, too, belive that that US soldiers are nothing short of mercenaries, and I hope for their failure.