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Letter to DPRK (north Korean) Ambassador to the United Nations

The following was sent via Telefax, to the Permant Mission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, To the United Nations
New York, New York, USA
To the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Via its Permanent Representative to the United Nations
New York City, New York, USA

It is with great joy and warm feelings of Militant Solidarity, that we write to you of the existence of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA), for studying the Juche Army-centered Socialist Postulates, of COMRADE KIM JONG IL and COMRADE KIM IL SUNG, and building solidarity with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, as well as South Korean Popular Vanguard forces such as the National Democratic Front of South Korea. Founded by Activists of the Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee (USA), and in co-ordination with DPRK Solidarity Organizations around the world, The Songun Politics Study Group (USA) is now up and running, with a website aimed at Increasing and coordinating the DPRK Solidarity activities, around the world, and in particular the United States, were they are most needed. We are honored to report that on September 3rd, the Korean Central News Agency wrote a splendid article announcing our existence to the world. This article as well as interviews with the National Democratic Front of South Korea, and various photos, are now on-line at www.geocities.com/songunpoliticsstudygroup .

Comrades, please convey for us, to COMRADE KIM JONG IL, and the Worker's Party of Korea, how much we are venerating their principled stance, against the enemy of us all, US Imperialism. We recently sent heartfelt solidarity to COMRADE KIM JONG IL, and the 70 Million strong Korean nation, on the 55th anniversary of the DPRK's historical founding, via various legal friendship channels. Enclosed, we detailed for our comrades what a hell on earth, living in the US really is. The US Imperialists are nothing but repressive warmongers with no right at all to speak of "Human Rights". Furthermore, recognizing that the power and legitimacy of Imperialism rests solely on violence, and coercion, we applaud the Songun Stance, which acting as a fortified military Deterrent ensures the peace with social justice. In an era were US Imperialism is most rabid, the DPRK is lighting the way of all the friendly nations that desire freedom and self-determination. It is no secret that without giving priority to ideological work, and placing the gun in the hands of the masses, Socialism cannot be built or maintained. Truly Songun Politics are Superior!!!

We recognize the Unique position we are in, by virtue of living in the US, and vow to fight to the end for a broad popular platform which includes the following: a non-aggression treaty with the DPRK, Full normalization of relations, removal of the unjust military occupation of south Korea, and the Right of the Korean nation to speedy re-unification free of all interference. Furthermore, we applaud the DPRK and its Socialist Course of Development which includes: Large Scale Nationalization of all major resources and means of Production, world famous models for collectivized and co-operative farming, comprehensive worker's rights, full employment, free heath care, free housing, free education, and the total abolition of the bourgeoisie tax system. Comrades, these Human Centered gains, created under the Juche Ideological construct, are exemplary, and not in keeping with a "rogue state" as the Imperialists suggest. When Bush the Little and the Imperialists, refer to the DPRK, and COMRADE KIM JONG IL, in a negative way, it is because they have finally found a leader and a people willing to stand up for themselves, and refuse the subjugation and wars of aggression which US Imperialism desires. Comrades, do not give an inch to the US Imperialists. We are with you, revering you example, not as spectators, but as active participants, who see our common destiny in International solidarity against the hated US Imperialists. No country on earth has stood up to US Imperialism and dealt it blows, like the DPRK, led by the Sun of Songun, COMRADE KIM JONG IL.

We are working on developing various study packets, and plan on hosting future events, etc for smashing the fascist minded war moves. Furthermore, we plan to maintain our fraternal ties and plan to develop further updates. A Mailing address is enclosed, for the Songun Politics Study Group (USA), were we would be happy to receive any statements you would like for us to post or distribute.

Juche Greetings!!! Songun Greetings!!!

Songun Politics Study Group (USA)

Songun Politics Study Group (USA)


homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/songunpoliticsstudygroup