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Strike Anywhere @ Crystal Ballroom Oct. 5th

Strike Anywhere is playing with headlining act Bouncing Souls along with Tsunami Bomb and Wanted Dead at the Crystal Ballroom Sunday October 5th. The show starts at 8pm and tickets are $12. I know it's pricey for a lot of people but Strike Anywhere has some great political lyrics and their live show is a lot of fun. Anyway, I'll be there and I thought others might be interested.
strike anywhere - you're fired
strike anywhere - you're fired
strike anywhere - antidote
strike anywhere - antidote
strike anywhere - sunset on 32nd street
strike anywhere - sunset on 32nd street
you're fired

In these days our crimes are paid
by our wasted sweat on the kiling maze
with freedom stains upon your hands
what do you do for a living ?
and how does it feel
to watch the bosses rise
while people fall
patriots to comfort delusional
another time, in another place
for better life than this rat race
Our labor's lost
too many lifetimes wasting
how many words did it take
and when was the first time
it stuck your heart with fear
was it worth it to salute the culture
that takes the life out of us
to oil their weapons
rise or rust
our labor's lost

Release us now
before we forget what we are
lift up our souls in union

Inside us there's a nation
hidebound and unaware
A people's insurrection
of the soul to kill despair
release us now from the distance
A promise that takes our power
A people together in this
the burning hour


To sleep with anger every day - to put your prayers in someone's mouth
I watch you struggle with your own antidote, then you spit it out
And I can't breathe while I watch you sell yourself into the world
You try to steal my life
Now. Kill the hatred with a new sound. Put a new voice in a dry mouth
Breaking the prison inside - we're running riot
Now. Kill the hatred with a new sound. Put a new voice in a dry mouth
Will we bide our time afraid? Will we wait or overthrow?
All these things in my life dem a stain to remove
Beauty in our makeup peace in a gun cut the picture of yourself
In resistance to prove at least one of these colors does bleed and run
It's the war inside of us all
Poverty is the biggest strongest jail that the government ever built
So we go paralyzed by the lie of socialized violence
And while American culture seeds stagnation with its guilt our
Society is the lie we define with our silence

A living thing the sound fe run lasting forever always

sunset on 32nd

When they broke down the door
and put their guns in the face of your wife and child
and as they pinned you to the floor
did you say "officer, i am not resisting you. " ?

American Justice american dream
is this what ' the other half ' means
half of our lives dissolved in fear
half of our rights they disappear
is our apathy so corrosive
where does the cycle start
hear the sirens screaming out in the distance
hold your family close to your heart

American Justice American Lies
a war of words that I despise
I wish the good cops If they exist
the very best
and a bullet for all the

complications injustice deliberations what's the deal
they fake it, we break it, and take back what they steal
we could rise black and white unbound and make them pay
for every tear, for every fear, defend our yesterdays

when they dropped the bomb on the building to kill a MOVEment
did they care where the rights of the murdered went
police terror in the eyes of the children
police terror in the streets of every town
where's our freedom when the sun goes down
and will the houses that the landlords built keep out the bullet sound

American Justice American Lies
a racist prison
I wish the good cops If they exist
the very best
and a bullet for all the . . .

so we try
to defend

defend our yesterdays , defend our tomorrows

For more information about the band (including more free mp3's) check out their site:  http://www.strikeanywhere.org/.
Were's Bob Dylan when you need him 23.Sep.2003 05:44

vocals suck

In any protest song we need to understand the lyrics as they are sung. How can any message be heard when it's locked behind vocals as awful as these.

it's all in what you're used to 23.Sep.2003 11:12

folk punk

If you're used to listening to 1 kind of music it may be hard to understand another kind. It's not like Bob Dylan was renowned for his vocal prowess. If you're used to listening to punk, these lyrics are very easy to understand. And it's entirely up to the listener whether to allow a new form of music into their lives. But I've found the greatest benefit to embracing all forms of music; there's something to be learned and experienced through all of them.