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Activism and the Women's World Cup

-encourages the people of Portland to demonstrate in conjunction with the Women's World Cup events
Hey Portlanders, If you had the opportunity to give a brief message to billions of people all over the world right now, what would you say?... ..you don't support the Bush administration?..and why/how so?.. how you feel about the relationship between Corporate America and U.S. foreign policy?.. your ideas/actions for change? Whatever you would like to say, there is an opportunity coming. The Women's World Cup Tournament is coming right here to Portland - bringing teams and press from Ghana, Australia, China, Russia, Germany, Canada, Japan, Argentina, and possibly others. It will be broadcast to countries worldwide - including Sweden, Nigeria, Korea DPR, Korea Republic, Norway, France, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Japan, Argentina, China PR, Ghana, Australia, and Russia. If you would like to participate in this enormous opportunity, here are some suggestions... Take the time to make shirts/signs/banners that proclaim your messages clearly, artistically, and intelligently. Include statements that welcome the Women's World Cup (for example, on one side/section of a sign). Put on sharp duds or costume in celebration of this opportunity. Attend the World Cup itself, or nearby areas surrounding the event, with your message. Demonstrate peacefully, with grace and integrity. Do NOT obstruct people attending the event(s). Hindering the event would thwart the effectiveness of the demonstration. The Women's World Cup will take place at Portland's PGE Park on Sunday, Sept. 28th (5pm); Thursday, Oct. 2nd (4:30pm); and Sunday, Oct. 5th (4:30pm). For details, see - www.FIFAworldcup.com Send a message to the people of the world!
Protest against Nike 22.Sep.2003 18:30

Mia Hamm is a child abuser

Some of the most appropriate messages would be attacks on Nike, the biggest corporate oppressor associated with women's sports. What logo do we constantly see on women athletes? Nike! I won't insult anyone's intelligence by listing details about sweatshops and other evil behavior by this terrible corporation. We especially should already know the details. My opinion is any athlete that wears the ugly Nike checkmark logo is in effect saying they sweatshops and child slavery.

its about time 22.Sep.2003 20:39


you are absolutely right we should protest around pge during the game. that would get us ultimate exposure and really put our cause out there for everyone to see. think of the media exposure.

not global 23.Sep.2003 08:33


Good idea, however (unfortunately) women's "soccer" (football) is popular pretty much only in this country, i.e. soccer mom's, all the little girls playing the game. In Europe at most it has a small freak factor. Probably same goes for rest of world. The only time a big media presence will turn out if the "U.S." team plays/wins, and then the media will be the usual gleichgeschaltete suspects: Fox, etc...

global enough 25.Sep.2003 12:30


Big media presence or not - at the very least, every one of members of the teams involved in the Portland events has a memory, a mouth, and some friends or family back home (with thier own mouths/friends etc.) - and those homes are far and wide across the continents. I believe that is a worthwhile enough reason to make an impression at this (rare) organized international convergence on our town.